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What is your favorite SINGLE ARTIST soundtrack (That is not a "band" movie) for Film?

I have been thinking about this and actually there are probably 3 rules:

1) Let's say it has to be 95% single artist...there's always a random scene with some other music.
2) NO "BAND" MOVIES i.e. Yellow Submarine, the Wall, Quadrophenia, etc.
3) No Soundtrack scores for silent films.

I have 2 that I like a lot.
#1 is Scotland PA. It's almost entirely Bad Company. Excellent. (@Dallas and @Shootymane, you should like this because it's a 70's fast food restaurant)
#2 is Maximum Overdrive. Not AC/DC's greatest work, but it is definitely "of the era" and I will ALWAYS have a soft spot in my tired, old heart for that.


  • Peter Gabriel's Passion S/T for Last Temptation of Christ is phenomenal.
  • I love that soundtrack! I forgot all about it, thanks!

    (Too bad that movie is a torture-porn piece of shit. How much blood do they think is IN a human body, one wonders.)
  • Nononononono The Scorsese movie with Willem Dafoe, not the Mel Gibson torture porn! Last Temptation of Christ is 100x better than Passion of the Christ.
  • I haven't seen Last Temptation of Christ, but are you thinking of Passion of the Christ?
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    HOLY SHIT (no pun, etc.) I WAS thinking of that.. Ok, I'm embarrassed. Sorries all around. (hides head)

    You're right: Last Temptation is a fine film. With a phenomenal soundtrack.
  • Ha! It's no big deal. I've probably made that mistake before.
  • I'm fond of The Passion of the Last Temptatation of the Christ 3D: The Revenge
  • :))

    I am literally rolling on the floor
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    I've always meant to watch The Passion of the Christ just to see how shameless it is. so many Christians around me flocked to that thing when it came out and it always perplexed me. You don't want to see violence unless it's as pornographic as possible and against your messiah...totally makes sense. It's truly a fascinating and kind of nasty phenomenon.
  • furthermore it's amazing to me that this exploitative trash got an R rating when Clerks almost got an NC-17 for a discussion about rimjobs. yeah, wildly independent cases, but still stupid.
  • Kevin Smith has a pretty amazing track record with the MPAA. I'm pretty sure they had issues with Clerks 2 (the donkey show) and Zack and Miri (the anal evacuation) too.
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    I saw this originally when I still was still a Christian, and I had a similar reaction to the film, and a lot of my Christian friends refused to see it for this very reason. For those who do/did watch it, the violence has a spiritual significance, which can and will trump any torture-porn level of violence because it's, like, your salvation he's dying for, man. He went through that shit for me *swoon*

    I'm a skeptic now, and I have the same reaction: why does Mel Gibson hate that Jewish guy so much?
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    @Kyle i think i saw that. it starred this guy, right?


    The power of Super Mecha Death Christ compels you!
  • single artist? neither of these are single but they're my favorites

    1. the social network by trent reznor & atticus ross
    2. her by arcade fire and owen pallett
  • Throwing in the fog, the thing and escape from new york. All by the legendary John Carpenter.
  • Ah! @Benneh, I think you found the sweet-spot between auteurism and accomplishment. Not only did he do it all, but he did it all well. Nicely done; and I hadn't even considered score-y scores like that for some reason.
  • "Into the Wild" It's all Eddie Vedder. I thought that soundtrack was pretty good.
  • Ah man great shout... "SOCIETY"
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    Tindersticks does a lot of the scores for Claire Denis' films, 35 Shots of Rum, White Material, Bastards and Trouble Every Day are all incredible soundtracks
  • AMERICA!!!! "THe Last Unicorn. Yes!!1 that's is my favorite soundtrack!!!
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