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  • the scene where he's staring blankly waiting for his father to realize what's happened is so good. You can see the terror on his face the entire time and one can project that Ivor is such an overachiever in academics and athletics because of it to begin with.
  • side note: they had escalators in 1927?
  • Lol I was surprised by that too.

    And I liked that shot a lot, for essentially the same reasons. Says a lot about his personality.
  • I've had a hard time following both this and the Ring but I'm finding that a plot synopsis helps a lot. This film is trying to depict themes that seem a little too daunting for silent film to tackle.

    These both strike me as more impressive from a technical standpoint than films that actually hold up as watchable today. I still think the slapstick and thriller stuff from the silent era holds up far better.

    basically what I'm trying to say is that I liked his 1st and 3rd movies a lot more than his 4th and 5th. He's growing as a film maker but each lesson isn't exactly engrossing.
  • that said, The Lodger is definitely the standout... I'd encourage anyone behind to just watch that and move onto the next one.
  • Ivor Novello is really terrific even if this movie isn't doing a ton for me. A lot of that is just staring blankly, but he's conveying that his life is fucked up pretty beautifully.
  • Did you mean 2nd and 3rd, or did you really love The Pleasure Garden?
  • Looking back I actually like it a lot. It's batshit crazy and a quick watch. Definitely my 2nd favorite of the four.

    Downhill and The Ring are definitely better movies but Pleasure Garden has a "fuck it there's ghosts now" spirit that I really appreciate.
  • That movie shifts character focus a lot more than I would have expected.
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    btw, how much better is Downhill as a name versus the UK title When Boys Leave Home?

    the other one doesn't even make sense. Didn't he leave home when he went to school in the first place? He was home for like 10 minutes.
  • Yeah he was at boarding school, he had already left home before the movie started. Also that name kind of implies that its normal for boys to join french acting troupes and become prostitutes when they finally leave home.
  • lol Downhill is a much better title.
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