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Book Club Proposal

I've been trying to cultivate a voracious habit of reading novels for a few years now and its become enough of a thing for me that I'd like to engage in discourse upon completion of a novel instead of reading the last page and sighing.

The Two Requirements for recommendations (malleable)

1. Must be 350 pages or less.

2. Must be in english. If its a translation, name the translator and present an argument for why that particular translation is the best in comparison to one other translation. There's nothing worse than a great novel with a bad translation when there is a good translation available).


A private book club thread will be created every 2 weeks for the novel being discussed. In that thread, the novel for the following 2 weeks will be announced. After the two weeks are over, that thread will be made public and non-Book Club members will be able to comment.

If you are a club member and fail to provide insight on the work within the 2 week window of the next announced work, you probably aren't that into the club and will be removed. This is a respect thing for ppl who read the novel with expectation that others have also participated. Of course you can PM me and get added back to the club but you will be added as a new member.


Reply here if you want to join. I will PM you for your recommendation. I'll ask you about the book and how you want to initiate the discussion. You can join at any time but you will not be able to participate in the current recommendation thread. However, I will PM you the next recommendation and that thread will be accessible to you when it is created.

The club will begin with the announcement of the first and second recommendation, which will have its own thread with an announcement of the third recommendation 2 weeks later.

(if you have trouble getting ahold of a book, let the club know and we'll do our best to get you something I'm sure)

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