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The Darkest Souls -- The Darkest Spoilers

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So Dark Souls III is out tomorrow. I totally can't afford it right now but I'm gonna wind up buying it tonight anyway because I have no control.

Let's talk through it?

(hi Steve, welcome back)


  • I cannot wait to fire this up. DS1 is my all time favourite game, and the From gameplay just scratches my itch. Anyone else doin it up on Ps4? Let's get after it.
  • \ [T] /
  • still have only gotten several joystick motions into DS1. maybe DS3 is fun and not DS1?
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    i admire those who have found joy in such an insufferable feat tho. it shows the true heart of a warrior who longs for arduous battle, even while at the leisure of his gaming consul.
  • let me know when we arrive at DS9. I look forward to that.
  • Yeah I dunno I heard about these games being assholes and once I figured out Bloodborne I didn't think it was that hard.
  • It seems to be doing really well on Metacritic right now, right in the same ballpark as Bloodborne.
  • After Bloodborne I tried playing DS1, but the combat loop just isn't as engaging. Turtling behind a shield or casting spells from far away isn't very fun.
  • I'm worried about that. I think I'm just gonna try to play it like Bloodborne and see how it goes for awhile.
  • I beat most of DS1 two handing a Katana, I'm pretty sure rolling is the way to go in that game.
  • Word up. I don't want 3 spoiled and I'm not planning on copping it for awhile so this is my only visit to this thread. DS 2 imo fixed everything wrong with Ds 1 at the cost of a little of the magic, I encourage ocaml and ocaml-minded individuals to give it a go
  • DS3 is gonna be the best Future album
  • You have defeated me you get a demon tablet and 7000 souls
  • DS4 is my favorite yung thug album
  • He changed the title to BS4 iirc
  • Shooty you should buy it just so I can bond wit u
  • Nah I'm in high school and grounded as fuck right now and honestly for the foreseeable future so I'm out of purchasing options
  • I think I need a different starting character because holy shit the assassin isn't working out for me. I'm not a fan of stabby weapons generally.
  • I'm just getting wrecked by the 2nd form of the first boss... not making any progress
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    managed to beat Ludex Gundyr after what had to be 15-20 tries and it was mostly out of pure luck, but I'll certainly take it.

    edit: I did beat him as a knight, for what it's worth.
  • This game is definitely harder than DS2, I'm getting my shit handed to me.
  • here's my last 2 runs at Ludex Gundyr
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    I think I beat him in two tries, hes very predictable & easy to punish if you stay close to him. Wait til you get to the 2nd boss.
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    It was fine once I switched to a Knight. I couldn't get the starting sword for Assassin down at all... just a terrible weapon for the way I play these games.

    Also keep in mind that the mere presence of a shield is a huge change for me. I've never played a dang minute of the previous 3 Souls games.
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    I really miss the quick dodge. I'm finding myself using the back dodge to get away because I can't get the roll timing down. If there's any invincibility frames I haven't found it even by accident.

    I also have no real idea how to parry in this game right now.

    I'll get this game down, but it's gonna take me unlearning some Bloodborne shit.
  • Yeah playing with the Estoc requires a special kind of person, definitely not my type of weapon either.
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    Yeah the sword I'm using now reminds me of Ludwig's Holy Blade so I'm a lot more comfortable now.

    This is definitely a better learning curve than the villager fire + cleric beast. That felt pretty overwhelming at first but this never got that far once I realized my biggest issue was the starting weapon
  • I don't really get the lack of healing items in the early game. It's making me play the game in way more passive and reactive way than I played Bloodborne.

    that and the lack of a rally mechanic means I'm finding myself relying on my shield and keeping distance way too much.

    I'd take grinding for blood vials over never having enough estus flasks.
  • I realize they're doing a different type of experience, but going from 20 to 4 healing items at the start feels like such a dick move.
  • The only game that wasn't like that was Dark Souls 2 where they gave you estus shards granted I never played Bloodborne. Healing is always rough in the early game, I've beem pumping vit because of that and the fact that I'm wearing really light armor makes everyone hit like a fucking truck.
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