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RSD Pickups

Was lazy and went really late but managed to pickup the Lush boxset. What did you guys score?


  • I'm gonna go get a pizza later
  • I can't make it this year, but I'm excited to see others putting up their finds.
  • I'm gonna get pizza later too though lol
  • Man two missed rsd's in a row I suck
  • this is the fourth RSD im missing lol only one i ever participated in was 2012 where the only fashionable thing I purchased was St. Vincent's Krokodil single
  • pizza was good
  • I had one slice, thinking about eventually selling my Lush boxset, not even sure I want it and yet I spent 100 bucks on it.
  • got the go! team first album thats only thing i wanted aside from deerhoof
  • my record store still has shit from the last RSD that are leftever so i can probably pick it up later anyway
  • Go Team, Residents, Beefheart, Regina Spektor, Sun Ra and Pere Ubu all picked up yesterday
  • I don't really care for these limited rsd releases. I'd rather spend money on records I love and don't yet have.
    edited April 2016
    As someone who doesn't have any coloured vinyl, special run vinyl or rarities - I do kind of envy those vids where someone pulls out a see through coloured record.

    That'd be kinda cool.
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