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RIP Prince

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The first album I ever bought with my own saved-up allowance and dirty job money was Prince's Controversy. That album fucking rules to this day.

So sad.


  • yeah this definitely deserves it's own thread. Good call.
  • I was just talking about how awesome his penis shaped guitars are like last week. He's the one dude that could pull that off.
  • This is crazy. Two of the most iconic musicians ever have died within four months of each other.
  • and Phife too. Like what the fuck.
  • nobody has ever been as cool as Prince is in this video. Motherfucker did a trust fall off the stage while soloing.
  • Oh shit, can forget about Phife
  • never 4get the 5 foot assassin
  • ...i..can't even express how gutted i am right now
  • on my second spin of 1999... so sad he's gone
  • I wonder how many times I can listen to Purple Rain today. His passing is an enormous loss.
  • edited April 2016
    The news yesterday has left me distraught. I grew up on my parents playing prince and michael jackson in the house constantly. His voice and music have been in and around my life since I was born. It sounds weird but it feels like losing a relative.
  • ^^

    Fully on board with you 100% esp 3rd sentence. I have been a total complete devastated wreck ever since news broke out, and it's only today that I can feel comfortable leaving my bed and the house. Looking at the circumstances, itt's just so tragic that all this could have been prevented with proper care. I was definitely not ready for all this to happen.

    To this day, I still remember what it was like when I frist heard Purple Rain and rarely no other song has ever had an impact on me like that. In fact, pm every song on that album send literal chills down my spine and resonated so deeply with me, and remember I was just a child! I was thinking somewhere along the lines of 'How someone could even think up something, more than once, to draw that out of me?' I was just completely floored. I love a lot of music but it's rare that that happens with something I hear. He was a literal genius, and he was way more talented than a lot of ppl realized. Among lots of things, you can listen to a lot of the R&B music that's out now that has big roots in the music he created as well as pop music having a lot of his 1999/Controversy flavor.

    Fortunately for me, I got to see him perform twice and now I feel really blessed to have seen him perform live. I went all-out the first time. I spent $500 on a VIP ticket which got you front row and basically right next to the stage. To this day, it's the most I've ever spent on a single show, but it was DEFINITELY worth it. Every.Single.Dime. He put on an amazing show that I just can't describe in words how utterly amazing it is. He was the consummate performer, and put on one of the best show of any musician I've ever seen. I got to go on stage and dance, and make a boat load of eye contact with him. It honestly felt as if time and the universe just freeze when you're up on stage with him. I saw another show of his on that tour in a regular seat and while it was great, the front row experience was just completely unparalleled - it was an amazing experience and something I will never forget. That night I would rank it somewhere in my top 3 concert experiences of all time, and I'll always be forever thankful to have that etched into my memory. It just goes to show that sometimes it's worth it to spend the money to see the greats live and take the time to do it. I wish I could seen Bowie. And between him and Prince, we need to protect the fave talanted wierdos we got left.

  • it's shameful that it took me until dude died to get to Purple Rain, shit's incredible. the first time I heard The Beautiful Ones and Darling Nikki my jaw dropped
  • so Prince and Kate Bush worked on a song together

  • and it's about wanting to fuck jesus!
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