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  • damn. gonna have to give this a few listens to let it sink in. it's quite an odd mix of styles, but i dig it (i think--i've only heard it once). video was really great
  • Hype. Song is great.
  • yeah on fourth listen; it's really good.
  • i like the almost tribal energy it has at points. definitely feels like a cult getting together to burn a witch
  • Visiting this thread purely to complement the title
  • The way that drum beat is interwoven with the orchestra, very nice. I've listened 3 times and gong to lay off for a week or so.

    It definitely has me excited for the new album, but I'd be lying if I wasn't a bit disappointed. Feels like there's something missing that i can't put my finger on
  • Probably what Cordell said in the other thread about the lack of melody, although I do think Thom's vocals come close to balancing things out, but it's much more percussive than I want from the rest of this album
  • hmm this doesn't sound like anything they've done before, but for sure I like Jonny's string music.

    what I don't get is why they erased their online posts if they're releasing new music? They don't need to generate interest...and then there's the whole thing with those cards that were sent to fans, it's wierd
  • edited May 2016
    tell me more about the whole thing with the cards, @Max
    i looked it up*

    it's a good idea to do what they've done. I wonder how they got the addresses - if they were all real Radiohead fans in a fan club or a bunch of randos being lumped as fans because they received a postcard.

  • I'm really not into those sharp strings. I kinda dig a lot of what's going on otherwise but this asthetic doesn't work for me.
  • The best Radiohead songs to me are when Thom's vocals are trying to escape a tub of proverbial Vaseline. Where I can drown in pessimism and sadness.

    To me this song has a problem where that tub of goo asthetic I'm looking for gets cleared up by those stabby strings. It's not as dramatic as I want it to be or I'm assuming they think it is.

    I realize this is a weird criticism.
  • I used three different computers to try to buy tickets to their show at the Shrine Auditorium this summer. I even came in late to work.

    I failed.
  • At what point did Radiohead's popularity and aversion to touring result in their tickets being insanely hard to come by?
  • I'd have to see how this song compares or complements the other songs on the album. I don't think there's anything dramatically good about it, tho it's not a bad song. I think the high strings gives an optimistic mood, but I believe I've heard some of these vocal arrangements before and that the only difference is the high strings in the background.
  • The thing about those strings is that I'm not sure they're supposed to sound optimistic (but they totally do).
  • yeah it does sound more triumphant than a typical radiohead song, but there's plenty of sinister shit both sonically and lyrically that remind you it's radiohead
  • join the club Alex
  • i can't believe this song is the single, hope the rest of the album isn't totally insipid as well
  • i for one think it's got plenty of flavor
  • It does lack a memorable hook, but I think the production is strong, Thom's voice is on point, the instrumentation choice is bold and how the strings are used are exciting and creates a really nice sense of .... fear? dread?

    This is Radiohead for apocalyptic times.
  • shows how much of a Radiohead stan I am.

    third listen and I'm completely smitten, I think it's awesome.
  • edited May 2016
    Yeah, it kinda gets better with each listen, I'm going to stop listening to it now though and I'm not listening to it or any other singles before the album comes out, which is probably in about a month or so.
  • im not even a radiohead fan. this is fantastic.

    lacks a memorable hook? the chorus was stuck in my head after my first listen.

    those strings are fucking great

    i've listened to this twice more since i've had this typed out..
  • Yeah I'll reevaluate in the context of the album
  • seriously how is

    buuurrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn the witchhhhhHHhhhhhhh
    buuuuurrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn the wiittchchhhhhhhhhhhh

    we knowwwwwww wherrererereree you liiiiiiiiiivvvvveeee

    not a memorable hook?
  • Not reeeaaallly.

    when I think good catchy ear worm in the Radiohead canon I think like a 15 Step or an Airbag

    I'm not saying it's a bad song, in fact I said I think it's great.

    Just definitely more of a mood piece from the group, they always have a few each record.
  • i've heard this song 5 times already and im not even sure it has hook
  • i agree that instrumentation/progression > melody on this one. but it's still great
  • Oh man I love this song. I love the sonic direction, and how the strings sound like they morph as they go through the verses.
  • Any song with col legno is a friend of mine.
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