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  • Who's coming back next? Opwann? Wolfsblood?
  • also hey Steve.
  • Radiohead: the great unifier.
  • edited May 2016
    Also, I'll admit, while I recognized the strings as distinct, I didn't know the technique until the P4K review.
  • It's a fun technique to play! You don't hear it too often, but I love the sound
  • the best part is at like the 2 min mark when it returns to that lovely staccato string bit
  • I love it more with each listen, and I'm only on listen #3. The strings are perfect, this song is so texturally impressive. SO hyped for the rest of the album.
  • Anyone else get a strong Owen Pallet feel from the instrumentation on this?
  • ^ i heard that on rym, so you're not alone
  • Owen utilizes the same col legno technique on some songs, most notably "Song Song Song"
  • I'm just excited that Jonny's film scores are finally leaking their way into Radiohead proper.
  • only beef i have is i wish the percussion sounded better - the hi hat is pretty incessant and the drums and snare might as well not even be there - but i am very excited about Johnny's orchestrations coming into Radiohead's tracks now
  • I didn't even notice the bassline which comes in on the second verse.

    A good addition.
  • The additional layers are so subtle but work really well. On first listen, it didn't seem like much was evolving, but the rhythm section is surprisingly dense.
  • Radiohead are damn good at playing into the hype cycle.
  • Thom, just drop the fucking album.

  • god bless PTA

  • holy fuck that song is amazing.
  • I'm very disappointed Thom hasn't danced in one of these videos yet
  • yeah it's incredible, gave me chills nearly the entire time. even better than Burn the Witch
  • I'm getting Motion Picture Soundtrack vibes from it
  • I'm not trying to shit on The King of Limbs when I say this... but there wasn't a song on it that made me feel 10% of what that song made me feel
  • I liked The King of Limbs quite a bit and I'd agree with that
  • New song is way better than the Witch bullshit.
  • it's interesting that both tracks released so far haven't really felt like Radiohead in a full band capacity,

    I wonder if that's a theme that will run through out the new record.

    I mean I'm sure Phil and Ed are in the tracks SOMEWHERE, but you can't hear their contributions, or at least as much as standard guitar and drums.
  • oh my god, the ending... beautiful track.
  • @TTK well you could say the same about some of Kid A/Amnesiac
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