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  • What do you get for that kinda money? Signed copies?
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    don't wanna hype the shit too much after just one listen but i can't help it: it's really great. it has the same organic, warm sound that In Rainbows did and it's far more dynamic than The King of Limbs in both sound and songwriting. Jonny's orchestrations steal the show
  • Omg I'm hype. Gotta sneak outta here
  • i'll watch the forum traffic increase :O) . if only we were sellin ads on this site, we'd all make a little margin off the lurkers.
  • Real instruments, subtle electronics, Thom's voice has been this good in years. Only 5 tracks in!

    I get individual vinyl discs at 78rpm and artwork for each track.
  • This is exactly what I wanted out of this. It's like they took all of the restraint they had on In Rainbows and dialed it back even further
  • wow we better get pics once that thing gets to you!
  • From the website: Case bound album, inspired by the albums for 78rpm shellac records in the library of La Fabrique, France
    32 pages of artwork
    The 11 track album on two heavyweight 12" vinyl records
    Two compact discs: one with the album and one with two extra tracks
    Recording tape belly band applied *
    320kbit MP3 or 16-bit WAV of the 11 track album available to download now

    I will totally post pics... In September! Lol

    I had to stop after Ful Stop, because I had to leave. But this record is amazing so far... It's gorgeous.
  • the boys are back :')
  • halfway through, and it's really great. seconding the love for the subtle electronics blended with organic instrumentation. like robby said it evokes in rainbows, which is my favorite from them, so yeah, i'm loving it
  • holy FUCK studio identikit is fucking incredible.
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    Wow this is stunning as fuck and achieves yet another different sound. It's quite mellow too, which I think works really well for the style that the electronic and orchestration elements weave with each other. But the mellowness doesn't hold it back from being bursting with creativity and detail.
  • Full listen and this is great through and through
  • Just finished this. True Love Waits broke me.

    It's been years since I've listened to the I Might Be Wrong version, so I'm sure the nostalgia of hearing an old track again was part of it. But still, holy shit.

    Completely forgot about this line: "I'm not living, I'm just killing time". Used to be, rather still is one of my favourite Thom lyrics.

    Great album. I'm on the bus into Sydney City at the moment and it's overcast and drizzling. Perfect backdrop for Radiohead.
  • Can't wait to listen to this. Happy you guys are enjoying it.
  • fuck this is my first time buying shit from itunes and half the songs wont download
  • wow its not in the dropbox either you guys have failed me
  • sorry cordell
  • I could put it in there just figured everyone would have very easy means to find it.
  • i was trying to listen to it quickly on my lunch break lol
  • this shits got bangers
  • goddamn 'present tense' is beautiful
  • This is fugging sick man! Thom sounding at his most heartbreaking...
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    Plus Johnny's majestic strings. Tinker Tailer straight up murders me every time.

    Then it goes into that Thom heartbreak you're taking about with True Love Waits.

  • yeah this needs some time but on first listen it's very Radiohead.

    I think I like it.
  • Lol, nick trying to hold back the fanboy inside him... let him free!!!
  • yeah this sounds a lot like radiohead
  • Ful stop is hauntingly beautiful.
  • it's such a trip from jamming to ful stop to however you can even describe glass eyes and then back to interpretive jamming with identikit
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    "True Love Waits" has been a top ten Radiohead song for me for many, many years now, and while it's DEFINITELY too hasty to be making any definitive conclusions, I'm really not feeling the version on this LP. The acoustic version from their live album is like an epidural injection of pain and emotion. The iciness of the new take diminishes the emotional impact for me.
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