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  • The vocal performance on the new version is a bit rougher as well. At 2:04 in particular, Thom's vocal fry is really evident. Might've been more natural with acoustic accompaniment.
  • i think i agree that this new version is pretty clearly worse than the old one. we'll see if it grows, though. it's my only real complaint on an otherwise great record
  • i remember the closer not really hitting me that hard either but i only heard it once
  • I for one am totally feeling the baseline they added on Hothead
  • what do you think of the album otherwise @jiggy
  • I like this album.
    I don't know if I'm in love with this album.

    Either way, this is about a billion times better than The King of Limbs.
  • it seems like people either love or hate The King of Limbs. I just think it's pretty good 7/10. this is clearly on another level though
  • more like the king of bland amirite?
  • I'm pro King of Limbs. And very very very pro this.

    About "True Love Waits", I like this version a lot. The live version will always have a special place in the Radiohead canon, but this piano +strained Thom vocal combination works for me. It's pristine but also wearied, as much of the record is. The entire record is both the old and the new, combining many of their old tracks (Present Tense, Burn the Witch, identikit, Ful Stop) with new arrangements and new focus.

    This is one sad record, and some have called it Thom's breakup record, given his recent divorce. Nigel Godrich also suffered loss during the making of this record, and that can be felt in how it sounds.

    You can feel how much emotion was put into every track.
  • I still haven't listened to it. I'll listen tonight. You guys are upping my hype to unmanageable levels.
  • this is exactly the album I wanted from them
  • it'll meet the hype, manatee. on my fourth listen and it's just really great the whole way through.
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    I can't remember who said "Idioteque" was mediocre but I'm playing it right now for the first time in a few years and shit still bangs get fucked dawg
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    Radiohead album openers ranked:

    Everything in its Right Place
    15 Step
    Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
    Burn the Witch
    Planet Telex
    Bloom (with the caveat that every live rendition of this I've listened to is exponentially better than the studio version and would place much higher)
  • Idioteque is a Radiohead you can play on public jukeboxes and get your emo and dance on simultaneously.
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    This album is beautiful and subtle as hell. It's gonna take a bit to fully unpack it, but on first impression it's great. Not sure where it's going to fit in comparison with their other releases yet.
  • It seems accessible on the surface, but it really isn't
  • @robby

    Probably Shooty.
  • Spent the entire day listening to this record on repeat at work. It's something special. The more I hear each track, the more they unfurl and reveal their subtleties. I think Burn The Witch really comes into its own as an opener, and Daydreaming is gorgeous (although the strings right at the end irks me, because it sounds like snoring). Ful Stop-Glass Eyes-Identikit-The Numbers is probably my favourite portion of the record, and I kind of think it drops off a little bit at the end. Just a lot of haunting, pertinent, gorgeous, striking moments throughout though and it is all I want to listen to at the moment.

    and Idioteque is perfect.
  • Same here. I'm on fourth full listen, and I'm obsessed. I'm not going to stop anytime soon. And when I do, I'm going to revisit some of their older records, I'm in love with Radiohead again.
  • @dal I would never get that specific in my vapid shit talking
  • I was just giving you shite, Shooty. ;;)
  • @Manatee Obsessed is the right word. I've already listened to it over 13 times... according to
  • You guys are nuts. I'll maybe listen to this record 10-15 times ever.
  • I think it was me who took the Idioteque jab.

    I merely sad that it wasn't the masterpiece of a track that people said it was.

    It's a great track but it's not one of their best.
  • One thing I'll say about this album, and this isn't really a criticism...

    I'm not sure it has an emotional moment on par with "for a minute there, I lost myself"
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    The strings swelling up right before the last vocal on "The Numbers" is pretty close actually
  • It's hitting me a lot harder on 2nd listen overall though, could easily see this being my favorite Radiohead album since Kid A when the dust settles.
  • It's just such a haunting atmosphere throughout... and you really feel for the pain Thom is conveying to you. It's probably their biggest downer of a record since OK Computer and even that had some sunny moments.
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