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  • <3. have been listening.
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    It's interesting that you say that OKC is a downer, Kyle.

    I think OKC is their most optimistic and powerful record. It's not optimistic in its subject matter, but more in the way it approaches its subjects. Tracks like Lucky, Let Down, Karma Police, Airbag, Subterranean Homesick Alien blast into the sky and soar through the stratosphere.
    It feels like the band is looking down at what lies below and commenting,

    And each subsequent record is a move down through, slowly more face to face with the world as it is, and TKOL ended up being straight in the muck, a dirty record which is mostly rhythm and aggressively looped sounds.

    And A Moon Shaped Pool is them realising they're too old for this shit, getting up, wiping themselves off, and walking home - only to discover that their friends, family and lovers have moved on without them.
    I mean I know True Love Waits is 25 years old, but you listen to the lyrics in tracks like Burn the Witch, Daydreaming, Decks Dark, Glass Eyes ... Thom is fucking lonely, and sick of this world.

    He just wants someone to understand how he sees the world.
  • if In Rainbows didn't end with "Videotape" (which still might be Radiohead's most palpably sad song since "How to Disappear Completely") I'd say it was somewhat optimistic, there are at least moments like the ending of "Nude" that feel comparatively bright and uplifting
  • I also think that it's interesting that Separator was the closer of TKOL and True Love Waits is at the end of this record.

    It's like they're talking to the same person, but what was a challenge to make a relation ship work in Separator becomes a plea in True Love Waits.

    It's a progression, as he becomes more beaten down and depressed.
  • so can we expect another In the Basement sometime soon?
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    This sounds dope walking round rio de janeiro at night, you guys B-)
  • I always forget you have the most interesting life out of anyone here
  • Although Kyle gets to see the nowhere stairs every day so idk actually
  • That is badass, @Benneh
  • I go home tomorrow guys... a 30+ hour journey awaits!
  • Also, nowhere stairs over rio all day!
  • I'm pretty much in agreement with ant when he says this is easy on the ears but heavy on the heart. I'd probably go 9 at the moment though. I love me a depressing record.
  • I'm gonna rank Radiohead, keep in mind that the new record will obviously move up or down in time.

    1. OK Computer
    2. The Bends
    3. Kid A
    4. Amnesiac
    5. A Moon Shaped Pool
    6. In Rainbows
    7. Hail to the Thief
    8. Pablo Honey
    9. The King of Limbs
  • Amnesiac over Hail to the Thief? well, i guess it's true. i don't know who your are, sir. -_-
  • I think that's a pretty consensus opinion, Demi.
  • amnesiac is definitely better
  • Radiohead ratings, I'll be more confident on the AMSP rating once I look at the lyrics

    In Rainbows - 10/10
    Kid A - 10/10
    OK Computer - 10/10
    The Bends - 9.75/10
    Amnesiac - 9.25/10
    A Moon Shaped Pool - 9/10
    Hail to the Thief - 8.25/10
    The King of Limbs - 7/10

    gotta give it to a band whose 6th best album is still a 9
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    Amnesiac is definitely better, it's actually my second favorite Radiohead album. I still can't stand The Bends though much at all. That's my controversial opinion.
  • i listened to the bends yesterday. it was quite good--the songwriting is strong as ever--but i still find it weaker than most of their albums
  • A moon shaped pool might go up to my 4th favorite Radiohead album, at least as of this second.

    OKC 10/10
    Kid A 10/10
    In Rainbows 10/10
    AMSP 9/10
    Amnesiac 9/10
    The Bends 9/10
    HTTT 9/10 (Underrated)
    TKOL 7/10
    The Life of Pablo Honey 5/10
  • Also, decent review, Pitchfork.
  • It's no surprise, but this album is really growing on me. Walked to work today and it really was perfect for that.

    One thing I don't understand is the criticism that the album doesn't have songs under the production. I really disagree, every song has a beginning and end, and the payoff when I get to the end is worthwhile
  • oh Shabazz Palaces are opening for Radiohead that's cool TOO BAD YA BOY DIDNT GET HIS MOTHERFUCKIN TICKETS
  • Oh wow
  • I'll be seeing Shabazz with FlyLo and George Clinton in september anyway
  • here's another comment saying Amnesiac is, without a doubt, better than Hail to the Thief
  • derp ba derp

  • aint no one saying that HTTT isn't great Demi

    jus people lovin other rekkids moar
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