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  • when I found out what the reversed vocals were saying on "Dreaming" I nearly teared up
  • I'm definitely saying I don't think Hail to the Thief is particularly great. It's a good record but it's hardly my favorite.
  • Let's rate my list just because

    1. OK Computer -- 10/10
    2. The Bends -- 9.5/10
    3. Kid A -- 9.5/10
    4. Amnesiac -- 8.5/10
    5. A Moon Shaped Pool -- 8/10
    6. In Rainbows -- 8/10
    7. Hail to the Thief -- 7.5/10
    8. Pablo Honey -- 6/10
    9. The King of Limbs -- x/10
  • I really like "2+2=5", "Backdrifts", and "Myxomatosis". It's probably due for a relisten in general though (there's so many records)
  • I still haven't listened to Pablo Honey in full and given I don't like "Creep" all that much and it doesn't seem to get much better from there I don't know if I will
  • You're not missing much, I like it more than most people and I still don't like it.

  • I'll stand by this as a particularly great track.
  • i've never heard pablo honey, but that was pretty sweet! pleasantly surprised
  • Finally weighing in on the new LP after I've devoted the entirety of my focus to it.

    - I love "Burn the Witch" & "Daydreaming" a little more with every listen. The strings on the former are such an inviting opening salvo to kick the album off.
    - "Decks Dark" & "Desert Island Disk" are both so slack which is a descriptor I don't often apply to Radiohead. Not songs I could sip Mai Tais to, but they're loose and spry. "Decks Dark" in particular is jammy in a really sultry kind of way. Fantastic guitar effects during its final third too.
    - The murky whooshing set to dead drums at the beginning "Ful Stop" could easily be shortened with no significant loss in tension. It's a fun rocker when it finally kicks in, but doesn't really justify being the second-longest track on the record. Love Thom's inflection on "This is a foul-tasting medicine" and throughout the second-half of the song, but the lyrics feel a little half-assed. Kind of reminds me of this AMAZING Wire track:

    - "Glass Eyes" is fragile and warbly and emotional, but a bit too undefined to my liking. It yanks at my heart strings, but it's too amorphous to really move me.
    - "Identikit" (alongside "True Love Waits") is another song that I can't help but compare to another version of. I prefer Ed O'Brien's backing vocals (from when they performed it during the TKOL tour) to Thom's ghostly caterwauling, but I do really like the phantasmal choir that manifests at 2:25. Good guitar tones throughout.
    - "The Numbers" is another leisurely stroll of a song but suffers the lack of vigor that befalls "Glass Eyes." It mozies along accompanied by some nice strings in its second half, but it just never metamorphoses into something memorable for me. If I had to label a track as filler on this LP, this would probably be the front runner.
    - "Present Tense" is a really lovely number, the feel-good track of the LP. Features my favorite of Thom's singing on the record.
    - "Tinker Tailor Soldier..." doesn't inspire me to write much of anything. Runner-up for filler label in my opinion.
    - Still not feeling "True Love Waits" 2.0 no matter how much I try. The live version found on "I Might Be Wrong" will forever be my definitive version of the track.

    As a random takeaway, listening to all of the acoustic passages on this record really reminded me of how great "Faust Arp" from In Rainbows was. "Fitter Happier" is remembered and cited way more than its In Rainbows sister song, but it's so damn good.

    Here's my updated Radiohead hierarchy:

    1. OK Computer
    2. Kid A
    3. In Rainbows
    4. The Bends
    5. A Moon Shaped Pool
    6. Amnesiac

    ================ <- Equator of Whether or Not I think it's a "good" record

    7. Hail to the Thief
    8. The King of Limbs
    9. Pablo Honey

    That good enough for ya, @Boobert?
  • Amnesiac so far down is a travesty
  • womp womp
  • Is it blasphemy to say that i didn't enjoy Kid A?
  • The only songs on there that I like are Idioteque, Kid A, and The National Anthem. Other than those none of them grab my attention.
  • Didn't quite a few Radiohead fans dislike the record when it was released? They really hadn't done anything like it at the time.
  • Yeah, I guess it was just the change to a more electronic sound, which I don't hate but I don't really like it on this album. I do really think they did it well on In Rainbows and A Moon Shaped Pool.
  • I'm pretty sure a lot of Radiohead fans were like "what the fuck is this" when Kid A first came out.
  • I knew it was very different going in but yeah I didn't get it right away
  • god now i want to listen to kid a. such a brilliant record. AMSP has reignited my fandom
  • I'm pretty sure Hail to the Thief had just come out or was coming out when I got into Radiohead. Kid A definitely wasn't as loved then as it is now.

    Pitchfork's influence also hadn't reached it's peak yet.
  • if i remember correctly it got an 80 on metacritic. now it would easily get a 100
  • Kid A is a crazy record and its abstract in a way that isn't totally alienating. It's brilliant.
  • yeah but at the same time as the followup to one of the most acclaimed rock albums ever it's an insane choice... people reacted accordingly
  • it's the absolute perfect follow up, totally genius. perhaps the greatest one-two punch in record history
  • edited May 2016
    I got into Radiohead via In Rainbows blowing up when it was released, I think I was in 7th grade.

    I like The Bends and OK Computer more as a one two punch than OKC and Kid A, but it's still one of the greatest 3-album runs ever. There are just a couple others that are on that level, like Kate Bush's The Dreaming-Hounds of Love-The Sensual World, and Boredoms' Pop Tatari-Chocolate Synthesizer-Super ae.
  • I got into Radiohead not long after Hail to the Thief, and as a fan of BoC and Aphex then I was into Kid A when I heard it.

    I didn't understand it, but I was like "ooh, cool weird beats"
  • I first heard of Radiohead when In Rainbows came out, and started devouring their discography a few months later when some high school friends were getting into them. I'm pretty sure it was one of my first forrays into anything moderately experimental
  • After revisiting their discography, here goes...

    1. OK Computer 10
    2. Kid A 10
    3. In Rainbows 9.5
    4. The Bends 9
    5. A Moon Shaped Pool 9
    6. Amnesiac 9
    7. Hail To The Theif 8
    8. Pablo Honey 7
    9. King of Limbs 6.5

    Radiohead is a good fucking band.
  • it's kind of insane that I fell for them as hard as I did because at the time I was only listening to punk, black metal and shitty screamo
  • edited May 2016
    Amnesiac was my first album, got into them, and then Vanilla Sky came out the same year I think and I was hooked. Also this was one of my most depressive years to date and so that album just hit me really hard. I'm pretty proud to say I've been into them since I was 12!
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