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  • Wolves were incredible tonight, as always. I can’t think of a better live bm act
  • might not be going to the open mike and billy woods show unfortunately -- venue is way too close to Dodger stadium for me to risk dealing with that mayhem
  • yea wtf is happening today i dont follow sports, how does it take an hour and twenty minutes to go 10 miles at fucking 2:30 in the afternoon?
  • world series Game 2 Homecoming.
  • saw the clientele in a tiny boston venue last night (i found out about it last minute and immediately bought the $20 tickets). it was wonderful. totally unpretentious, minimal, and evocative. the crowd was loyal, too. beautiful stuff. wanted to stay after to meet the band but i had to get to my radio show :(
  • On a 6 hour bus to go see phil elverum play tonight. Excited but with some nervous apprehension at watching someone lay their soul bare in a live setting. I'll let you all know how it goes.
  • saw slowdive last night at paradise rock club in boston...

    it was pretty fuckin transcendent. they played blue skied an' clear, alison, when the sun hits, slomo, star roving, sugar for the pill, dagger, and many more... go see them if you can, they are wonderful live! i felt enveloped in the sound in a way that only godspeed has rivaled
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    I really wanna see Endon play with Boris tomorrow but I'm really tight on money so I'll probs have to miss it... :'(

    on the bright side it's in a poopy venue so it may suck anyhow
  • I just saw blank banshee at 70% or so of his set was unreleased material
  • He didn't play eco zones tho which bummed me out a bit
  • MowMow Lulu Gyaban!!!! Tonight!!!!!
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    ^^ mowmow lulu gyaban was amazing. it was a small venue, fucking tiny. idk if it was a private show or what cuz there was only 30 people in the crowd - by no exaggeration. maybe a few less.

    the opening act was amazing too. I didn't catch the name - but it was something to do with Clits cuz he came out on stage nude except for a cock piece theremin! which he would rub and make music.
    he was such a sweaty, bald, and leanly muscular guy.
    Clitric squirrel!!! i couldn't understand the words - but he was a magician with humor. I laughed a few times and enjoyed the songs. He was a sing talker and I could tell his songs were stories of youth, old loves, longings, and comical rage against.

    Mowmow mixed some new songs with their older songs. which was great for me, cuz the whole crowd from Clitric squirrel forward could participate in a call and response with the music. and i was literally 1 of 2 foreigners in the place (the other guy came with me) so when they played the older songs I knew well, i could participate - prove that I belonged there!

    it was fucking awesome!!
  • Here he is!! CLITORIC RIS

    The Saitama of the Stage ^o^
  • went and saw Ariel Pink live.
    Lots of fun, lots of energy.

    Didn't play Round and Round as I was hoping (it seemed to have been a staple of his concerts on this tour) but they played Lipstick and most of my favourite cuts from the new record.
    Sound was a little off with the bass being almost overpowering, I didn't even know what some songs were until like half way through because of how overpowered they were.

    but yeah, all in all, a fun little time
  • lipsticks such a good song
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    okay, seeing avey tare and panda bear last night perform sung tongs in full was the singlest greatest experience of my life. their performance was absolutely unreal. words can’t describe, truly. the crowd was also the best i’ve been a part of

    will post a link to a rip of the HD pitchfork stream soon
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    check it out!!!!!!!!
  • thats pretty dope
  • prime access. totally wonderful show!!
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    wow dudes. lcd soundsystem ROCKED IT last night in boston. my friends and i were dancing like maniacs pretty much the whole set. holy wow that was an incredible show. it's like they picked out a bunch of cuts, not necessarily the biggest hits, that i personally love--you wanted a hit (which was a revelation live, holy crap), get innocuous!, tribulations, yr city's a sucker, home... but then they did bring it home with the classics, like someone great, i can change, dance yrself clean (which was the highlight of the night FOR SURE), and finally, all my friends, a gorgeous way to end the show. it was pure greatness, from beginning to end. sound was TIGHT, visuals were awesome, james murphy was a charming old fogey as usual. go see them if you get the chance!! i don't think i was properly hyped for the show because i only liked (not loved) their latest record. but fuck they blew me away from the first song (us v them)
  • Saw Rostam play last night, damn is his voice infectious. It's like every time he starts a song something sounds off about his delivery and then you key into it and it's perfect. He covered "Pink Moon" too which was a cool music moment.
  • Recently saw Protomartyr and Ought and they both killed it. The kick drum mic for Protomartyr has some problems during the set, so while they were fixing it Joe Casey would tell the audience about the movie Hurricane Heist, which they saw the previous night, and how amazingly bad it was.
  • Fuck coulda seen Injury Reserve and JPEGMAFIA for free tonite but the venue closed the RSVP page :(
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    Just bought tickets to see Neurosis, Converge, and Birds in Row in July. Fuck yes.
  • damn that's stacked
  • Fuck yeah just bought my ticket to the same tour a couple days ago. This is guaran-motherfucking-teed to be the show of the year
  • Seeing Ariel Pink with DIIV, Preoccupations, and iceage next month. Gonna be amazing.
  • yea that does sound like a good time
  • I’m sorry you have to endure a DIIV set but the others seem cool
  • Lmao, I saw them once before and they sounded really nice. Connan Mockasin and Kieran J Callinan "Opened" for them and they asked the audience what they wanted to hear, and somebody yelled Seven Nation Army, so they literally did it with Connan mouthing out the bass part and Kieran playing the drums with his legs. It was really funny. @Robby
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