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What Are You Seeing



  • Shabazz Palaces and the Oh Sees
  • On the same bill?
  • what an odd pairing
  • sounds fun tho
  • Oh and Tuesday I'm seeing Chelsea Wolfe and Ministry
  • Just got tickets to Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds at The Forum in LA. SO EXCITED
  • Really sad age I'm in when Godspeed's playing next week yet I have little to no interest in going (mostly since the setlist seems to mostly be their boring ass new album)
  • Oh thanks for telling me was gonna go see them this Thursday but not now.
  • Oh hey I might finally get to see MBV this summer... if I can get $70 for tickets.
  • Solo tour? Wonder if they're coming to the midwest, need to scratch that off my bucket list.

    (sorry guys but MBV, Radiohead and Daft Punk are the big 3 bands I’ve never seen and fuck fuck fuck I’m so excited my ears are gonna bleed so good)
  • Hopefully the new ep or record or whatever comes out soon.
  • willing to guess they’ll just surprise release it out of the blue like they did with mbv
  • I'm going to go to Chicago to see them or maybe Philly haven't decided
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    Courtney Barnett tonight, really come round to her work. Should be a nice break from all the shite that's occurred/occurring over the last few years. There's a relaxed cynicism there that I really need to adopt. The relaxed part.
  • edited June 2018
    im finally seeing animal collective for the first time, my favorite band since sixth grade, live in DC where they’re going to perform Sung Tongs, my favorite animal collective album, in its entirety, with my best friends and my girlfriend on the last night of her visit to the east coast from Minnesota :D :D :D
  • Isis are reuniting under the name Celestial for a single show in honor of caleb scofield.

    I hate The Wiltern but I have to fucking go to this
  • yessss @shooty i hope you enjoy the fuck out of it!! saw the inaugural show in december & it was mind-bogglingly good. hope your experience is just as awesome!
  • edited June 2018
    @yama did you get tix to that? Can’t remember if you’re in LA area or not. I got balcony
  • Not in la :((
  • edited June 2018
    jesus this already sold out. MBV tickets are still available and this shit goes out in an hour :))
  • ^ thanks for the tip! just scored mbv tix for oakland on the 20th. cannot wait!!!!
  • bruh you shoulda been going to the LA show wit ya boi
  • gonna be living in the bay, so that would be a long way to go. i suppose if i planned to stay in LA for the weekend, which i could see myself doing for a concert in the future. this time, though, i'll let you know how the oakland show goes.
  • Thanks, I’ve never been more excited about FYF getting canned so that I can see this
  • Neurosis last night was INFUCKINGCREDIBLE. Setlist was nearly perfect, banger after banger and closing with “Through Silver in Blood”. Definitely the best Neurosis set I’ve seen and one of the best sets I’ve probably ever seen. (Converge were great too, as to be expected.)
  • Awesome, checking this tour out next month.
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