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  • That reminds me I still need to listen to Leon’s and Jon’s new albums
  • Julien Baker was good the other night.
  • Ttk’s post was funny @ttk that post was funny
  • thanks shooter,

    my comedy is a slow burn.
    Real people only get it on the page after.
  • I really wanna see The Field next week but I’m not sure I’ll have the money. Might have to skip Chelsea Wolfe too which really bums me out
  • Love both acts
  • the field is sooo gooooooooooood
  • KKB tomorrow boizzzzzz
  • I’m getting paid soon and Chelsea show sold out so I’m gonna go ahead and tix to The Field esp since the new album is his best since Looping State of Mind
  • yea this new the field album is the best the field album i've heard
  • It’s not better than From Here We Go Sublime, but it is good
  • actually never listened to that, only heard the first track off it gimme 1hr and 5min
  • yea this definitely better lol
  • like not even closer and i'm 4 tracks in
  • from here you mean? i think it’s by far his best? nearly perfect. genius in its minimal composition
    edited October 9
    yeah From Here We Go Sublime is his best work, unfortunately nothing has even come close it.

    I admire his consistency though.

    In other news, I just bought tix for KING GIZZ IN NOVEMBER. It's gonna be an intense gig and probably gonna be a crazy as fuck crowd. Any tips for surviving while still having a good spot to see them from thats not way up the back?

    edit; tropical fuck storm are opening, too!!
  • Sunday night I saw The National at an out door venue during a rain downpour. Matt Berninger was standing on seats in the crowd belting out the choruses to "Graceless." It was a religious experience.
  • i reeeeaaaally like "looping state of mind," too. i'd give that another listen @TTK
  • edited October 14
    Isis performance just ended... holy fucking god one of the great live experiences of my life. A dream come true, really.
  • So...was this like a one- off thing, or are they getting back together?
  • One off for a tribute show for Caleb Scofeld. They livestreamed the entire event, the Isis set is at the 2 hour 55 minute mark

  • Here’s what they played:

    So Did We
    In Fiction
    The Beginning and the End
    Celestial (The Tower)
  • impulsively bought tickets for Merzbow+Prurient in december
  • edited October 24
    @Robby Wow, good luck, lol
  • RIP your ears
  • This year I saw Primitive Man, MBV, and Isis, so I think I’m prepared lol
  • edited October 24
    Maybe. But Merzbow and Prurient is more like ear rape. In a good way
  • Daughters tonight!
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