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  • Awesome. First this, then Merzbow and Prurient, you need some quality earplugs
  • Let me know how that is just saw Deafheaven and Diiv on Wednesday, was thinking about trying to see Daughters in Chicago on the 17th
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    Lingua Ignota is starting soon and I just realized now I forgot earplugs. Thank god for bar napkins!
  • Daughters fuckin ruled last night, great rowdy crowd, loud as fuck, and their vocalist is a goddamn freak onstage. My kinda show.

    Also I was gonna see Deafheaven this year but Lil Ugly Mane played the same night so I went to that show instead. Their set still good? Haven’t seen em since 2014.
  • Daughters are coming back in March with Blanck Mass woooooooooooooo!
  • Great set, singer is the most active artist I've ever seen, the way they constantly build throughout the whole thing is great.
  • also their bassist is a nice hunk ‘a meat
  • Deafheaven is a pretty damn good looking group.
  • Meh fuck skinny dudes
  • Nah I'm all about my tall skinny dudes with long hair
  • got a ticket to Sunn O))) tonight!
  • They have a new record coming out next year produced by Steve Albini
  • Yeah I was hoping it’d be out before the year is out (along with the new Earth album) but next year’s good
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    the Gizz show was mental. Played a good variety of pre-Nonagon stuff as well as the newer post-Nonagon suites.

    Highlights were definitely the Crumbling Castle > Fourth Colour > Desert Dunes > Castle in the Air > Muddy Water and The River > Wah Wah > Road Train > Robot Stop > Gamma Knife suits,

    as well as Bitter Boogie. They played fucking Bitter Boogie!

    Tropical Fuck Storm were a great support act, even though they seemed to play more Drones tracks as opposed to stuff from the TFS record from this year (I'm less familiar with Drones), it was still incredibly enjoyable. During You Let My Tires Down Gareth broke his guitar and had to borrow Stu's for the rest of their set, it was intense.

    first time in a relatively crazy crowd. There were mosh pits, as well as a circle pit. Frequently found myself pushed around. There were some times where I felt like I was trying to stand up more than enjoy the music, but still, had a great time.
  • Sounds like a blast
  • Behemoth with At the Gates and Wolves in the Throne Room tonight!
  • @robby fuck yeah, that show sounds awesome. Give me the lowdown when you get back
  • Damn that sounds awesome
  • progress report: Wolves and At the Gates tore the stage apart. Now waiting for Behemoth
  • on a scale from 1 to dragged into sunlight, how loud were they?
  • Not as loud as Dragged Into Sunlight were, but still pretty damn loud. Great set, my only complaint is they did not play “O Father O Satan O Sun!” which is their best song imho
  • Just got back from Blue Man Group!! They were incredible, hilarious, trippy, inventive, and just loads of fun.
  • Got to see them with my dad too, which was awesome
  • Merzbow and Prurient tonight

  • James Blake and Deerhunter in NYC a week after my birthday in February
  • Cool. New Deerhunter is great.
  • Damn that show sounds great, Des.
  • It's not the same day they are just in new York two days apart
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