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  • sounds awesome, we should do a forum meetup with all the ny peeps sometime
  • I've never been, coming from Ohio
  • I’d love to go to NYC one day.

    Oh and Merzbow played maybe the loudest set I’ve ever seen.
  • oh awesome! let me know if you want any suggestions, besides my west coast stint lived in NY for most of my life
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    i was able to score last-minute tickets to thom yorke two nights ago (at face value!), and i really enjoyed myself!

    i could see thom reasonably well, and it was super neat witnessing one of my musical idols in the flesh. his dance moves were, as expected, transcendently wacky- and goddamn does his voice sound amazing live! i just kept thinking "fuck, this man's sense of pitch is godly" as he nailed note after note, sounding beautiful all the while. also, i was pleasantly surprised by the very powerful percussion/drums/synths/bass - shit had *weight*.
  • I may or may not have damaged my hearing at last night’s SUMAC show. Worth it.
  • Oh man I need Austin Lunn to bring Panopticon to Cali eventually.
  • speaking of that lineup I’m seeing Primitive Man tomorrow \m/
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    @ManateeMaster That lineup looks pretty awesome. I'd be sure to see Tomb Mold as well, if you can, although I haven't seen them myself.
  • machine girl and Dalek? at a metal festival? awesome!
  • Oh yeah, forgot about Dalek and Machine Girl. whew
  • seeing Earl in april hopefully
  • got tickets for earl in april. decided to take the plunge and spend the extra coin on the meet & greet package. meeting earl will be a dream come true, for one, but it also comes with a dope limited edition "dad hat" (i imagine a bucket hat?) that itself will probably be worth more than the ticket in time.

    cannot fuckin wait.
  • Got my ticket. Not really all that interested in a meet and greet, especially got for $50 extra.
  • also got tickets to Pageninetynine in april! Between this show and the upcoming Loma Prieta / Jeromes Dream tour, it will truly be a great year for screamo.
  • like i said, calculated investment given the hat. maybe it'll be worth nothing but i feel like long term i'm not paying more. and yes i think it'll be great to meet him
  • *what i saw*

    Le Butcherettes

    they were fantastic
  • Daughters on Friday in Louisville, so hyped
  • How was it des? My daughters show was fucking great
  • at Baroness / Deafheaven show and they’re literally playing riff raff in between sets smdh
  • saw Khruangbin last night, packed out show but got a spot relatively close to the front.

    Phenomenal stuff, I've not seen much love for them around here but they were so on point. Changed their songs enough during the live performance to make them interesting and the light show was off the hook.
    They even had a medley of classic hip hop beats near the end of their set, really fun and awesome stuff.

    (they seem to change it up each time they play the medley so not everything they played here was in the one I saw last night, but you get the idea)
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    i saw Moira Scar Saturday!!!!
    (i don't like the video)
    altho! it was super exciting - i'm still iffy about the vocals... i'm not sure how much it's really working for my....consistant enjoyment
    but live it was completely distorted and that worked much better - it definitely set a mood with a crowd interested in embracing it.
  • Holy shit Have A Nice Life is gonna play here in july
  • He’s working on a new HANL album
  • Yeah I know The Flenser said it’s coming out this year.
  • I just never thought they’d ever be a band that played shows outside the east coast so stoked to see em. I missed Giles Corey a few years back unfortunately.
  • at the Vince Staples / JPEGMAFIA show. Tbh this part of LA (staples center area) is way too tourist trappy for me
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    I’m making plans to see Devin Townsend in Vegas, June 15!!!
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