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    I ask because I vaguely remember you saying Arizona and I got a really good friend in cottonwood and was just at Zion a couple weeks ago
  • I saw one concert last year. It was the National in the rain! But it was still one show in like 18 months.
  • I didn't record this, but this is the Devin show I went to!
  • Well I hope Bandana is amazing because I just irresponsibly dropped $45 on this friday’s Freddie Gibbs & Madlib show. The night after the Billy Woods show too!

  • Billy Woods was so awesome to see live. Played all the best tracks from Hiding Places and a few from Paraffin and Known Unknowns. Definitely one of my favorite rap shows I've been to this year.

    Freddie Gibbs and Madlib's set was also awesome but it was pretty dead before then because it was one of those rap shows with no openers and just some shitty DJ playing for nearly two hours. He was playing the most basic shit (dude played like 5 or 6 tracks from Illmatic in a row, which yeah is a great album but a pretty lazy move for a DJ), not getting the crowd hyped at all, the people next to me were openly complaining about him by the end. He had a shitty turntable so his records constantly skipped, transitions between tracks were hilariously bad. He also kept saying "ready for Freddie Gibbs?!" just to get a reaction from the crowd before going back to his lame ass DJing. Just had to get this rant out here because it's one of the occupational hazards of rap shows that annoy me--if the tickets are going for $45 with fees, you'd at least expect one or two actual opening acts.
  • Merzbow was off the hook.

    I took ear plugs like you suggested Robby, but I needn't, they were handing them out at the door.
  • That was smart of them, I don’t think they did that for my show. I honestly don’t know that I’ll ever see a better noise set.

  • seeing a youtube video really doesn't do it justice.
    he was doing shit which made me body numb, it was insane.
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    I'm very excited about seeing Cate le Bon

    @Shooty have you gotten into any of the backlog?
  • I liked her new album. Will give it another listen soon

  • Yea, Reward> Rock Pool

  • Have a Nice Life show tonight

  • Wha?

  • arrowheads arrowheads arrowheads arrowheads
  • yessss

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