Hey can you guys visualize things in your mind?

So I just came across this article, and I'm pretty sure my brain works the same way as the writer's does.


I don't see shit. It's blackness all the time. If you ask me to imagine a black horse I can't even begin to do it. My dreams are vague, non visual, and I barely ever remember them.


  • it's fucking astounding to me that anyone can do that. I can't even begin to comprehend what that's like.
  • This would also explain why I bounce off of novels. People are able to enjoy them in a way that I don't comprehend on the same level.

    I can tell you what's happening when I'm reading, but there's no mental image. There's never a mental image.
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    i donno. i think anyone wired for procreation is capable of conceiving some pretty lucid visions given time away from routine fulfillment of certain urges.
  • I remember that I like certain foods and dislike others, but I couldn't begin to imagine a taste in my mind.

    my mind is mostly just thoughts. As if I'm narrating my own life or something.
  • like I know that I hate bell peppers because that shit is bitter, but I can't imagine the taste.
  • @Evan to get real for a second, I didn't have access to "material" when I was a teenager. At least not in a place where I could do what needed to be done.

    I remember trying to picture an anonymous set of tits in my mind. I couldn't do it then, and I still can't now.
  • I wouldn't know what it's like to not see things in my mind.

    In my dreams I play multiple characters and converse with myself. when i wake up I remember the conversation from the perspective of both persons and myself as the 3rd overall Watcher (who's often commentating on the dream itself). My mind is very lucid.

    I can conjure smells and tastes from memories. At a nice high, I think, "geez, I'm kind of like Dr. Manhattan or that time tripping from Slaughterhouse Five
  • @Kyle did you have the same sort of moment of realization that the author of the article had? Or was it more of something you've known or realized your whole life?
  • @kyle ur prolly a really deep sleeper
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    @Halfscrim the first time I realized this was something other people could do was today when I read this article.

    @Evan I struggle with insomnia actually. I'm always thinking if I'm sitting in the dark with silence. Those thoughts are never visual though.

    I always sleep to Giant Bomb videos or something where people are talking to drown out my dumb brain.
  • this is now the psychoanalysis thread
  • I think in more than images, but there is almost an image present in whatever I am thinking abkut
  • My mind is like the Super Smash Bros. Melee trophy viewer. 360º rotations, zoom functionality, et cetera.
  • my mind is like final fantasy XII gambits
  • ehh - so many choices
  • I now have irrefutable proof that I'm dead inside, at least.
  • try melatonin. maybe you don't have enough. take a tablet or gummy before bed - see if you can 1. keep the memory of the dream
    2. be aware of the dream while in the dream.
  • or really acid. acid will fix that, for sure @kyle
  • I mean I never felt weird or like I was missing some part of the human experience until today. It's ultimately not the end of the world if I don't really know what I'm missing out on.
  • I can visualize things but I definitely have ADD and lately have been amazed at how easily I can listen to something or read something and think I've understood it because I've gone over the shapes/sounds of the words in my head but actually I didn't register the implications of anything at all. Part of growing up I suppose is becoming aware about how weird it is that we do everything automatically. Like does anybody else get freaked out about how you can drive a car somewhere without even thinking about it or remembering much.
  • totally. but that's why i drive a manual now. this way I'm paying attention.

    all those people on their cell phones and ipads while driving an automatic- their brains have all wandered and their filling the bored time they falsely believe they have with bullshit thoughts and actions instead of paying attention to the road.
  • I used to be really good at turning off alarm clocks in my sleep but now I'm really good at waking up half an hour before my alarm clock goes off
  • As someone who is lost in their own head more often than they spend in the real world,

    I can visualise stuff, particularly when I'm really into what I'm trying to visualise (usually sex fantasies)
    I've also lately been having particularly weird and vivid dreams, like something from a David Lynch film.
    Less dream like and more nightmare like, and I only remember some of them.

    Also yay for manual drivers, I drive a manual, too. I drove my Mum's auto once and my left hand felt weird. Had nothing to do!
  • i visualize stuff constantly. and i do the same for sound--i generally can recall bits of songs exactly as i heard them. that's fascinating that you don't have a visualizing brain; i cannot imagine what that's like
  • When i listen to music i usually have a montage of seemly never ending images and visions that sync perfectly with the music and feel of the song. I have to focus to accomplish this. I stared exercising whatever that part of my brain is when i got into LSD and meditation. Its something that can be worked and made stronger nothing you cant accomplish without practice. Its like a movie plays in my head that can go on for minutes at a time. The weird thing is that i dont try do it, it kinda just comes to you and you have to let it flow. Idk maybe someone does the same lmk
  • i montage as well. my meditation game is garbage, tho.
  • I don't really meditate but I freestyle for extended lengths of time sometimes which I feel like probably has the same effect
  • i can see lots of faces when i close my eyes for a bit. i usually fly into their mouths and get shot into this static highway where snakes and wolves fly by. its terrifying until i realize they're all just ideas which are essentially polymorphic and can become other things such as crashing waves of water or leaves falling from trees.
  • I think i have this too, not to the extent of the author where the canvas comes up blank when I try to imagine something visually, but the images in my mind are incredibly simple, blurry when I can create an image at all.

    I suspect I think abstractly with whatever visual canvas would be used in my mind to create images, so I just don't have the mental space.

    Or I could just be dumb and can't flex my mind muscle.
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    i tend to think i'm seeing cool patterns in my eyes sometimes but they end up being tiny crawling cornia critters. makes me feel more like a microscope than a projector
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