Avalanches hypethread



  • What does that mean?
  • a video fuck!!!!! it's also up on spotify
  • only real complaint i have is the vocal mixing on Danny's verse could be higher, I find myself having to work to make out his lyrics. it kinda sounds like the mixing of an old Def Jux record, but I seriously doubt that's what The Avalanches are going for
  • actually, the extended mix is up on spotify! sick!!
  • yup, much better in HQ. sweet song.
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    there's a beatles sample on the record!
  • I mean crucify me for complaining that a group is changing,

    But Since I Left You makes me cry with how gorgeous it is.

    This is just an alright hip hop track (I'm kinda done with producers turning the oompha type ragtime jazz samples into beats)
    The psychedelic feel of the track is nice, and I like the sampling of My Favourite Things in the bridge, but nothing else from the track grabbed me.
  • Meh...

    Tbh though i think sily is like one of the most overated records around so I'm probably the wrong person to ask.
  • I won't go as far as overrated because that implies a knowledge I don't have... but I've never really "got it" despite trying to listen to it a good half dozen times now.
  • the new song is okay, but it's a little goofy if I'm being honest.
  • yeah, it's goofy but a lot of fun. it's not as good as the songs on SILY, but i didn't expect it to be. regardless, i think the album will be very solid, especially if those clips from the trailer are any indication
  • I can't hear the song through the hype yet.
  • It's definitely not as bad as some of the louder dissenters have said though. It may even be very good
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    Yeah I'm suprised you guys arnt digging it everyone on /mu/ (myself included) was blown away
  • yeah im not clouded by hype at all and i think it's great. played it like 5 times so far and yet to get tired of it. there's like a 0% chance this album would approach the quality of SILY so im okay with this thing just being really good
  • same. it was much better in HQ and grew on me with more listens
  • I mean even regardless of context I think I'd still feel that the track would be run of the mill.
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    lol checked back on mu today and everyone thinks its trash.
    never change internet hate machine
  • I don't see how it's run of the mill at all, i mean i guess I'm not familiar with this ragtime rap thing that you say is a trend

  • and there's that whole parody genre thing Chap-Hop which I'm pretty sure does that stuff.

    I'm not trying to say you're wrong in enjoying it, I listened wanting so much to like it.

    More over I'm thrilled you enjoyed something I didn't, that means you have more joy in your life. I wish I could feel the same thing.
  • Anyone who says this song is worse than the stuff on SILY isn't listening to the production details IMO.
  • Also pissed at people calling this electro swing when it has no swing at all
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    @shoey have you listened to Since I Left You? The Avalanches haven't been afraid of coming across goofy before. the parrot turntable scratches on "Frontier Psychiatrist" are sillier than anything on this song
  • god i love those scratches
  • I think it manages to be silly without being goofy. There's aspects of (samples in) the beat that keep it super grounded in more traditional hip hop than escaping into the vacuum of ridiculousness
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    i like it overall but i think there a few flaws in the mixing (why are danny's vocals mixed so fucking low) and it as probably a weird choice for the leading single. i can totally imagine what this would sound like in a larger project and i think it would make a lot more sense as an interlude of sorts than a single

    but overall i'm excited for the album after hearing it
  • it sounds like the track that plays either right before or right after the most intense track on the album, its like a breather track
  • kinda reminds me of those old cheesy eminem beats
  • @ocaml totally, i can't unhear that now
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