Best Gym Albums

Alive 2007 is far and away my top record for gym time, I got legit runner's high once while listening to this

both Nails albums, both Run the Jewels albums, and Bottomless Pit also apply


  • I never listen to albums with lyrics when I exercise, basically just out of tradition at this point. I listen to a lot of classical when I run, especially moderns like Phillip Glass Steve Reich etc. but also just really silly shit like Vivalaldi's Four Seasons or Strauss' waltzes.
  • Also Boards of Canada
  • I guess I prefer the meditative pushing yourself vibe to the aggressive obstacle shattering vibe knamean
  • Susanne Sundfor's album from last year really got me pumped up at the gym last summer. Which reminds me, I need to get back in there...
  • i just throw my soundcloud on shuffle 8-X

    trap beats are my go to for any kind of exercise

    also I'm probably the only person on here who actually enjoys some edm type stuff
  • early meshuggah gets me ready to get my pump on
  • death grips - the money store.
  • Bob Dylan - Christmas in the Heart
    edited June 2016

    just stuff that's intense and unrelenting.

    Dance music has a good pulse so you have a rhythm to work out to, but I just like that extra layer of motivation.
  • Oh I can see that
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