Best 3 Song Sequences

I was just thinking about how cool the sequence at the end of Adore is. Specifically: "Behold! The Nightmare" -> "For Martha" -> "Blank Page".

What are some other really great ones?


  • Opera Singer --> Meanwhile Rick James --> Shadow Stabbing
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    in all seriousness, side B of Fun House which goes from "1970"-->"Fun House"-->"L.A. Blues" is maybe the best side of a rock album ever
  • "bros" -> "i'm not" -> "good girl/carrots"

    "mmhmm" -> "do the astral plane" -> "satellllliiiiiiteeee" ("zodiac shit" -> "computer face//pure being" -> "and the world laughs with you" is just as good)

    "born under punches" -> "crosseyed and painless" -> "the great curve" (that's right, "born under punches" > "once in a lifetime")

    three songs at the beginning and end of ziggy stardust (can't decide which i like better)

    "venus" -> "friction" -> "marquee moon"
  • cosign panda and flylo, and for Ziggy i'd put Five Years --> Soul Love --> Moonage Daydream
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    you know, after some thinking, i prefer that one as well. always thought "soul love" wasn't mentioned enough--it's one of my favorites on the album.
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    @secondplanet wtf, i kid you not today I was listening to phone calls by the shivers and the last 3 tracks reminded me of this thread. Was going to bump it myself.

    Borderline - Swear to G-d - The Endlessness (Goodbye)
  • Solo --> Skyline To --> Self Control
  • ^ yea that's my fav
  • Nikes is actually the only song on the album I don't like so it fucks up that pairing for me
  • Edith & the Kingpin > Don't Interrupt the Sorrow > Shades of Scarlett Conquering
    Hotwax > Lord Only Knows > The New Pollution (Sweet Sunshine > Beercan > Steal My Body Home is also fantastic)
    Like Dylan in the Movies > Fox in the Snow > Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
    The Fake Headlines > Slow Descent into Alcoholism > Mystery Hours
    Something About Us > Voyager > Veredis Quo
    Doin' the Cockroach > Cowboy Dan > Trailer Trash
    One Time Too Many > Lost & Found > Courtesy Laughs
    Fifty Fifty Clown > Heaven or Las Vegas > I Wear Your Ring (could easily be replaced by For Phoebe Still a Baby > The Itchy Glowbo Blow > Cico Bluff or Beatrix > Persephone > Pandora (For Cindy)
    Humectez La Mouture > Tippy's Demise > The Mouthchew
    Crazy Love > Caravan > Into the Mystic

    and probably countless more.

    Here's just 10 I had, though
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