most consistent bands/artists in music

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was revisiting the Beastie Boys discography this week and it was really hitting me how consistently great they were. so what are others that have been ungodly consistently great?

i'd say Kendrick, Converge, Velvet Underground, Radiohead, Vektor, Panopticon, OPN, Nails, Loma Prieta, Tim Hecker


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    Barring the album that we've all agreed to Men in Black-style wipe our memories of, I totally, 1000% agree with the VU. I know a number of people like to mentally categorize them as two different bands (with and post-Cale), but I think Loaded and their self-titled are just as deserving of effusive praise as their first two studio efforts.

    I mean just listen to the bar-at-closing-time majesty of "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'". It doesn't have the NYC art scene danger of "Venus in Furs" or "Sister Ray", but c'mon, you gotta give it up.
  • oh i completely forgot that Squeeze existed (as we all should). haven't listened to it and never will

    I haven't given Loaded as many listens as the first 3, but the self-titled is really terrific
  • boards of canada, portishead, burial, flying lotus, talk talk
  • Outkast, Tom Waits (for his latter day period anyway, I haven't heard much of his pre-swordfishtrombones stuff) , Beck, New Pornographers, Woods, The Books, Phoenix,

    yeah there's a few
  • oh i forgot Outkast
  • has anyone even listened to their soundtrack album Idlewild?
  • I have. I dig it
  • gonna have to disagree with beck. for me, he's got some very solid albums but an equal amount of passable stuff
  • Everything post- Sea Change is hit or miss for me.
  • yeezus for sure

    even if im not a huge fan of 808's, i'll listen to anything kanye drops cause i know i'm guaranteed at least a couple beauty tunes.
  • d'angelo, my bloody valentine, fleet foxes (shorter discogs but uniformly high quality)
  • I've found everything that Beck has offered since Sea Change to be worth while listening,

    and then you even have Modern Guilt which is actually really awesome.
  • Boris was really consistent pre-2010s
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