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Hype 2017



  • yo homer's releasing a new epic
  • Looks like it will be called The Book Cipher Sings (3rd album)

    photo 80DEF4F0-2E2E-4E38-BBE8-763E8B1B1E2B_zps1ajlnyia.jpg

  • His ears also say double. Double album. Somebody stop me.
  • That single is really good too, like a modernized version of The Soft Bulletin with a little hint of vapor wave
  • When I looked earlier, your flaming lips post and the post you made about the Pixies didn't show up :/ sorry
  • #excuses
  • After HATING The Terror, this gives me hope.
  • god damn you're killing it with the WRONG opinions these days ;D
  • I love Flaming Lips, but when they become more about "sonic art" than music, I tune out. They don't do that stuff well.
  • anyway I thought the new song was kinda meh, seems like a milder version of something they would've done a whole lot better in the Yoshimi days. I'm hoping this album matches the ambition of Embryonic and The Terror
  • excited to listen to new flips,

    and i have faith in jeff mangum. pixies lost kim deal, but NMH has always been the mangum show, so i have more confidence that he could deliver a solid new album.
  • I agree the new Lips song is a bit underwhelming, but it's like the third to last song on the album, so it may be better in context. I thought it was an odd choice for a lead single. I hope the record is better overall.
  • Coyne says Oczy Mlody “sounds like Syd Barrett meets A$AP Rocky and they get trapped in a fairy tale from the future” in a press release.
  • new Dead Congregation EP should be out Nov 7! wooooo
  • dang sounds awesome
  • edited October 2016
    robby, the same arguments could have been (and surely were) made about the new avalanches LP. yet here we are, glad to have a second avalanches record. long-awaited comebacks can be great, and i have a good amount of faith in NMH, much more than i did pixies
  • god forbid i have a healthy amount of skepticism instead of just immediately assuming something is gonna be good. I'm such a bad fan!
  • I think at the very worst, it'll be just underwhelming.
  • of course skepticism is healthy; no one here is a clairvoyant. i was merely responding to the "oh no, not this again" tone when "this again" has already resulted in a great record this year. yea, it could suck, but we can complain all we want once that happens - in the meantime, the prospect of new music from some musicians we like is reasonably exciting
  • I feel like after this, there won't be any super long gestation, super hyped albums any more. Maybe Madvillainy 2 and a fourth Portishead record.
  • the next wrens record should come any day now...
  • edited October 2016
    I've never listened to Wrens. I'll do it soon, what am I in for.
  • yeah you successfully singled out one comeback record that lived up to its promise. how many more can you name? because other than Godspeed, Gorguts and MBV these albums are typically of the Pixies variety, almost every time. i can have whatever attitude i want, thanks.
  • depends on how long you make the cut off, but d'angelo obviously fits, and the very good 2013 boards record came after an 8-year break.

    you're entitled to your attitude, and i'm entitled to explaining why knee-jerk negativity might be unwarranted given recent points of data and the fact that we haven't heard any of it yet. you really don't get a lick of excitement that maybe NMH will put out even just one awesome new song?
  • edited October 2016
    anyway this is dumb as fuck; we're arguing about people getting hyped in a hype thread
  • edited October 2016
    I don't understand how "it could be good, it could also be not good," which is my stated attitude on the album (that we don't even know is an album yet), amounts to "knee-jerk negativity". it's like anything that isn't "OMGAZZ NEW NMH" fanboyisms counts as negativity to you.

    I don't have a problem with people being excited about it, which is why I only made a couple posts initially about it. You're the one that's suddenly pressing the issue, pretending that my lack of blind enthusiasm is something to be critiqued.
  • oh i was just referring to "do we really need another NMH album?" which is decidedly on the negative side of things. all i'm sayin is "sure, if it's good" which is exactly what happened with d'angelo and the avalanches.
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