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Hype 2017



  • edited October 2016
    so asking a legitimate question instead of immediately getting excited is now considered knee-jerk negativity

    see @geodaddi, if I were actually being "on the negative side of things" i would have said "pah, we don't need another NMH you mindless drones!" of course i did not say those things, even though you keep acting like i did. I simply posed a question as to whether or not the album was necessary, but apparently doing so makes me an insufficient fan that has no right to his opinion
  • Hey stop arguing and listen to the new Ulcerate album @robby
  • well that was already gonna happen
  • edited October 2016
    "apparently doing so makes me an insufficient fan that has no right to his opinion"

    i thought you had an issue with people exaggerating the connotation of your statements, but apparently not. never did i ever suggest something at all like that. questions can and do have positive or negative effect. if someone puts on a song and i say "do we really need to play that song again?" the suggestion is that i'd rather the song not be played. that's how i took it is all.

    and to answer your question, it's only necessary if it's good, which is a fairly difficult thing to predict if we rely on recent precedent. probably close to 50/50. so both hype and wariness are justified--i just hope (and want to believe) it's good. you are certainly no worse or better fan to be on the wariness side. no one wants another career-tarnishing record like the last few from the pixies
  • a bad album doesn't make me dislike any of an artists previous albums any more or less so i think career tarnishing is a statement i would never agree with.
  • yea i mean, i don't think it actually devalues their other work. discography-tarnishing is a better term--there's no doubt indie cindy and the new one bring down their previously stratospheric average
  • I asked if we needed a second Avalanches record a while back in some other capacity either online or not,

    I still don't know if we do need Wildflower.

    Like it's good, and it's fun. But there's an element of it which feels slightly superfluous.
  • I believe it's just about everything anyone could have expected from a new Avalanches record. It was probably never going to surpass the first one, but still a great record nonetheless.
  • That's how I'm going into the situation with neutral milk Hote as welll. I'm certainly not expecting it to be better or even as good as Aeroplane, but I do think it'll be great. There's no way he's going to pull a Frank Black and release a bunch of awful songs.
  • edited October 2016
    well whaddya know, the new shins ain't half bad:
  • I haven't thought about The Shins in years. This is pretty decent, even if it is a bit safe.
  • Haha! That was pretty good. Has it been confirmed for 2017?
  • i think so
  • new Code Orange (Kids) is about as shallow and breakdown-heavy as the stuff from their last album, but it's pretty good
  • wondering where them boys have been
  • new song ain't bad, it's certainly better than that new Cloud Nothings track
  • edited November 2016
    Yeah that was pretty good, very full sound they've developed. They always have the ability to make a great hook, and their lyrics capture the feeling of young adventure so well. Still on board with these guys
  • AFX released a vid on his Facebook pertaining to the election, but at the end it does say
    "Aphex Twin
    Day for Night

    Random hype for whatever?
  • His first show in a while at day for night music festival in Texas, I'm going!
  • edited November 2016
    Oh man, I'm thinking about going to that too, it's in about a month. Also Bjork, and just a mind blowing lineup altogether.
  • fuck. super jealous of you two.
  • the new xx song is very much in line with jamie xx's solo sound. it's solid but not extraordinary. an enjoyable listen:
  • because what da xx really needed was trap beats
  • Not all about the vocals but that production is real nice
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