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Hype 2017



  • yea i enjoyed the production for sure, despite the "trap beatz"
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    I still love that Jamie xx song with Young Thug
  • def one of the songs of the year
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    new Gizz record to drop in February, they're playing with micro-tonally tuned instruments on this one,

    and it's one of four records they plan to put out next year.
  • why do Foxygen release such anemic and strained pop songs (How Can You Really) and then a year later release one of the best songs of the year;

    this completely flips my perspective on Foxygen, and makes me very excited for their new one.
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    new flaming lips song is pretty cool!

    return to the ?? titles
  • new Laura Marling out next March
  • Seeing Frank Ocean live is my 2017 hype, anyone from UK, he is playing at Lovebox xx
  • late on the new japandroids track but man just hearing it makes it feel like 2012 again.

    wish it was 2012 again :(
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    Top 5 years of my life for sure
  • Agree with secondplanet; if I have to rank the 2010s in terms of music output 2012 would definitely be in the top 3. Better times too.
  • my rough ranking of the years of the decade thus far:

    1. 2016
    2. 2012
    3. 2010
    4. 2015
    5. 2011
    6. 2013
    7. 2014
  • 2014 musically feels so subdued compared to the other years. There were comebacks I was excited for that ended up being anti-climatic, and a lot of my faves didn't really deliver with their new stuff. Also I didn't care much for hip hop that year. My top 20 had none of it.
  • yea 2014 was honestly pretty terrible. worst year since 2003 probably
  • ....terrible for people that ignore metal I guess

  • also RTJ2, MadGibbs, Weezer putting out their first good album in 10+ years, Andy Stott, Silver Mt. Zion, Ariel Pink, Mick Jenkins, Iceage, that Girl Talk/Freeway EP, Ben Frost, FlyLo, Earth, Open Mike Eagle, D'Angelo, Neil Cicierega, Boris, Carla Bozulich, legit have never understood why 2014 is considered a bad year
  • yea i liked a lot of those records. and i keep forgetting about d'angelo, which along with swans was easily the best record of that year. but the reason i see it as slightly inferior is just that the *stand-outs*--9/10 and above--were generally lacking. you've got those two records i mentioned, madgibbs, maybe flylo, and maybe rtj2 (not for me personally). and none of them is a 10 in my eyes. compared to this year, for my tastes, it's not close. so despite the many solid 8/10 records, it comes up short compared to most years imo.

    but i appreciate the reminder of d'angelo, swans, madgibbs, and especially flylo. those records were really, really great.
  • 2014 was pretty good from my memory.

    had at least 5 or 6 9's in my book.

    and has had some pretty underrated stuff there, like Fatima, Machine Girl, Tara Jane O'Niell, Clap! Clap!, James Ferraro, Earth, tune-yards, Vashti Bunyan...
    none of those even made my top 10 despite all being awesome.

    I'm not throwing shade on you, or anyone who's said that 2014 was a disappointing year, but since I've gone back on so many similar statements (I used to think 2011 was bad, and I wrote of the entirety of the 80's for a good while) I just feel that if you feel a year hasn't delivered, you simply haven't looked hard enough.

    There's always good music, you just have to look for it.
  • never did i say it didn't deliver, nor did i say it wasn't a great year. a ranking is relative, so even from the perspective of someone who has listened to every record ever, that person could justifiably rank a year at the bottom, simply for being the "least great."
  • unfortunately rankings seem to elicit a lot of vitriol for whatever reason. but for all you know i think all these years have been 10s, with 2014 being my least favorite but still amazing
  • "nor did i say it wasn't a great year"

    "yea 2014 was honestly pretty terrible"
  • sorry to imply things, I don't mean to be like that.
  • caught me red handed. though to clarify i meant terrible relative to the avg year in the 2010s, which i absolutely stand by. but again i think 2014 was solid; i mean it has to be if i thought there were 4-5 9/10s and many more 8s
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    and nick it was fair to call me out; i didn't realize how strong my language was. but as we were talking rankings it was all relative, so while i think 2016 is significantly better, '14 was still quite good.
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    Iceage <3 and LP1 are the things that have REALLY stuck with me from 2014. Black Messiah and TBK still good though. Syro has grown on me. Not much else has stuck out to me as a potential 9+ though tbh. 2011 was worse though.
  • yea LP1 is easily in my top 10 for that year. i need to get on that iceage though
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    2011 had so much good experimental/electronic shit though:
    space is only noise
    ravedeath, 1972
    an empty bliss beyond this world
    james blake s/t
    drive soundtrack
    looping state of mind
    black up

    and some other fantastic records:
    helplessness blues
    section 80

    so for my tastes i preferred 2011 by a good bit.
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    LP1 has just grown on me since. Songwriting is incredible, maybe there's one or two corny lyrics on the album, the rest are nearly perfect, you can really hang on each word and everything makes sense, the way she describes relationships is devastating and it's easy to project on but it's still clear that she's speaking so specifically about her experiences. Which is the ultimate pop songwriting for me. Her melodies are always reliable and simple but never basic. she really brings a lot of nuance, passion and emotion to her vocals even if she can't belt. Her whisper vocals are very intense and her inflections are reminiscent of Kate Bush on whole Sensual World album, which is a good thing.

    People called it too samey back then and initially I agreed sligtly but that feeling has more than faded since. Every song is breathtaking and every moment leads me in high anticipation for the next one, be it a really awesome lyric or incredible production effect. And the production effects were always very classy and unexpected. It's trendy in that it's ultra modern but it sounds more exemplary of this era of music than following a recent fad, and it's incredible that she pulled off considering how much psych-rnb-pop-whatever music had been released in the past few years. But it isn't too surprising considering how long she had cultivated her sound and artistic vision.
  • Yeah see Kaputt, Replica and other albums have grown on me a whole bunch,

    It's actually the grower of the decade.
  • Replica has shrunk on me somewhat since GOD came out actually. But Kaputt is still awesome, the production sounds fresher than nearly any soft rock/pop type album that has come out since.
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