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Hype 2017



  • @robby Nice metal linkdump! I have some to add

    And of course i can't leave off the remastered version of Demilich's Nespithe, which came it out in 2014.
  • @Shelton that's a great analysis. one of my favorite songs on the record is actually "kicks," which seems to not get as much attention as it should. such good builds/releases on that track
  • 2013
  • i forgot about Dead Congregation! that band is pretty incredible. i think they just put out an EP
  • yeah that EP
  • edited December 2016
    i love how they always let them chords ring out and have the double bass just blasting thru. its like that serene kind of relaxation u get when ur being pushed beyond reason
  • dead congregation always gets me on a metal bender. thank u robby now my workmorning is dark and exciting.
  • RTJ3 is out 1/13/17
  • 01 Down [ft. Joi Gilliam]
    02 Talk to Me
    03 Legend Has It
    04 Call Ticketron
    05 Hey Kids (Bumaye) [ft. Danny Brown]
    06 Stay Gold
    07 Don’t Get Captured
    08 Thieves! (Screamed the Ghost) [ft. Tunde Adebimpe]
    09 2100 [ft. Boots]
    10 Panther Like a Panther (Miracle Mix) [ft. Trina]
    11 Everybody Stay Calm
    12 Oh Mama
    13 Thursday in the Danger Room [ft. Kamasi Washington]
    14 Report to the Shareholders/Kill Your Masters
  • real glad to see Trina back, "Pull Over (That Ass Too Fat)" is the greatest song of the 2000s
  • Dead Congregation's first album might be in my top 5 death metal albums of all time. It's the epitome of cavernous death metal, I feel, even moreso than Incantation.
  • fuck yeah
  • whoa, new ride album on the way. the classic shoegaze revival is real
  • I summon K Sheilds to materialize in 2017 to show these jabronis wass happenin'
  • that would be awesome. would love a 4th mbv record
  • whoa Ride and Slowdive have new albums in the same year. hope neither of them suq
  • same, i hope they're both great. my love for shoegaze has only grown over the past year (and accordingly, my love for ride and slowdive), so it would be awesome if some of the best in the genre released some top-notch music. maybe it could help spur a resurgence & perhaps even an interesting new direction for the genre. if either of these records experiments well while retaining good songwriting, i will be beyond pleased.
  • I mostly want them to just show all these new flaccid "shoegaze" bands (which are really just atmospheric moany indie rock) how it's done
  • true, i want that too.
  • in terms of recent shoegaze, only a sunny day in glasgow has really nailed it
  • oh yeah I loved that last Sunny Day in Glasgow album, when are they coming back with a new one
  • also not shoegaze but WHEN ARE WE GETTING BRAND NEW BRAND NEW
  • 2017 Year of Young Adult
  • ugh whatever happened to jai paul releasing something this year? praying he drops even one song next year.
  • i added mine too. hmph
  • edited December 2016
    shit this is good (vid for madvillain)

  • apparently a boot has been floating around for years so it's not actually new. but studio quality! still excited! i was hyped for avalanches and it paid off. taking the same risk with madvillain. i prayed and hoped and believed avalanches would release a new record. they did, and it exceeded my expectations. so glad i have more of them to spin now.
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