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why da funk not?!

Yeah guys, we need dat funk thread!

been listening to a lot of kashif recently after his sad death a few weeks ago. one of the innovators of the "boogie" movement.

git down! rip kashif.


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    Also, pre-mercury records ohio players really had that psyche thing going on. their tunes sound like they would have fitted nicely on with any of the p funk movement's records.

  • Did you guys ever heard the brazilian funk, or Funk Carioca..? It was created at Rio de Janeiro slums, heavily influenced by Miami Bass, Freestyle music, Afrobeat and - in this case - The Darkness and a strong sex appeal B-)

  • pure sex musics from former miles davis collaborator james mtume...

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    any funk fans need to check out Madlib's Medicine Show #10, Black Soul.

    It's an incredible mix of funk, soul and disco.

  • that sounds real nice nick, i've been slackin on getting into more of madlib's solo production stuff
  • yeah his Brazil mix is great too, lots of great psychedelic rock and groovy folk.

    its where I got the sample for this;
  • History of the loop digga is real nice also. speaking of mad, i watched the stones throw documentry 'my vinyl weighs a ton' last night. Real great watch, had me getting all nostalgic from back in the early 2000's when i started getting into madlib, doom and dilla.
  • Woah... in what way? That's really cool.
  • Soul jazz reissued this album a few weeks ago by swiss-nigerian flutist tee mac. Got a great blend of funk, disco and reggae joints on there. Can plant it later today if people are interested...

  • @secondplanet, it's in there man.
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    the new ep from dam-funk and night jewel is some lovely, synthy, squelchy goodness.

  • i just stumbled into the world of japanese funk and disco... holy shit this is a nice place to chill!

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    and then the Japanese synth funk movement of the 80's has been repurposed in the new genre of future funk

  • Love that album :)
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