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    "what is kill"

  • but seriously, this would fucking suck if irreversible.
  • oh my god, the website says "so long, and thanks for all the fish."

  • really? for me it just says "Regular maintenance, we'll be back soon!"
  • I hear that it's hard to keep a good ratio over there. Is that true?
  • it was for me
  • "Due to some recent events, What.CD is shutting down. We are not likely to return any time soon in our current form. All site and user data has been destroyed. So long, and thanks for all the fish."
  • fucking sucks.
  • is waffles still up?
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    back to SoulSeek I guess?
  • there was a point where I was thinking of actually preparing for their interview, but now nothing valuable is lost from my laziness
  • this is so sad. thousands of albums lost from, like, history. this is like a partial burning of the library of alexandria.
  • another justification for FUCK 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what the hell am i going to do? god fucking dammit.
  • apparently waffles was killed three weeks ago so now there's like nothing
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    we're gonna have to start from scratch. all those wonderful vinyl rips... gone. all those rarities... gone. all my forum posts... gone.

    message i found on reddit that expresses my feelings well:

    "I can't really begin to explain how much of a loss this is.
    This was the biggest digital repository of music the world has ever seen. Spotify, iTunes, even Oink in its prime were kittens to what what.cd built.
    I made this analogy in another thread, but it was the digital library of Alexandria for music.
    It inspired me to learn about audio engineering, learn how to program, and most importantly, introduced me to music that changed me in ways I can't even begin to put into one tiny little box.
    I was a part of the community for almost ten years. And it's a part of my life I'm going to have to look back on fondly.
    And I don't regret a second of it."
  • i really hope the data is backed up somewhere... i would think they'd have a game plan for something like this.
  • the people who have shared these things will continue to share them where ever they can.

    Like I said, Soulseek still exists, and that had some stuff which I couldn't find on What.
  • All the data is gone, been destroyed. 12 servers were seized.
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    a consoling note is that it was all distributed to begin with so what is lost is just the network. ppl will find ways to get that wealth of human information out there again. its in our nature to do so
  • basically what ttk said
  • @nick it takes a lot of coordinated effort to compile these things, and it will take years to get near the level of what.cd again. for example, famed vinyl-ripper pbthal left the community about a year ago, and there's no guarantee his rips will be recovered. we also lost thousands of pages of discussion, thousands of collections of albums (i.e. "best psych rock from the 70s"), etc. i have no doubt we'll get a clone soon enough, but it will take a whole lot of time before it's anywhere near the level of what.
  • if it was on soulseek and not what, it was probably not an official release or had some quality issues. what was very strict about the quality of their music.
  • I never got in.
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