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what are you listening ON?

edited February 2017 in General
I know there used to be a thread about equipment somewhere back in one iteration of the forum... had a look back but it seems to predate AHOTI-days.

Anyway... what are y'all listening to music on?

I recently moved and got my set up back on track, so I'm using a decent-ish set up for the first time in maybe eighteen months. Makes such a different to the lsitening experience, I now feel myself wanting to listen to music way more than I was for the past while.

This is what I've got - it's on the "budget" end of things, but sounds pretty great to my ears:

Amplifier: Pioneer A-10 (
Speakers: Wharfedale Diamond 220 (
Turntable: Audio Technica AP-LP60 ( - the cheapest of the cheap tbh, might upgrade at some point if I feel like I'm listening to enough vinyl to make it worth it

I don't have a decent set of headphones and that will probably my next gear purchase... also interested in what headphones you're all using


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