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  • Pastors from pews still receive the rules to abide by, even though they're probably still good people (most of the time)
  • @ttk peep the links on the first page! The internet has made getting into philosophy 100% cheaper and 100% faster. Even obscure or highly academic philosophers/philosophies have several free commentaries a piece available on line.
    Even if you're not tryna read, Socratic dialogs make stellar audiobooks and lectures on the history of philosophy are available on YouTube literally by the hundred.
  • yeah, honestly, stanford philosophy encyclopedia is fucking amazing. while nothing beats source material, it lets you learn way more in way less time
  • So anyways what does everyone prefer, the true knowledge or the useful knowledge?
  • can you distinguish those concepts for us?
  • Do you mean like the concept of pure knowledge?
  • As in knowledge that doesn't rely on sensory experience.
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    @Shootymane OR are you referring to utilitarian epistemology?
  • true knowledge is reality and useful knowledge is "eh, that works well enough to get to the goal."

  • @shoots ^o^

    i opened the first link you posted of assembled material. I don't consider that starter reading.
    it's a goddamn book! ^o^

    Give me some pages numbers! it's full of chapters - It looks like its got an Ethics chapter and a chapter on Kant and German Idealism. I could dive into either one of those.

    does anyone want to read one of those chapters and then talk about it?
  • @knowledgeppl sorry too busy with other stuff to elaborate I will like tomorrow or something

    @demikat it was originally published with the chapters made into discreet booklets and handed out around factories to make philosophy more accessible to the working class, but each chapter is better if you've read the one before obviously since you are more familiar with what the thinker of that chapter is reacting to. Each chapter is on a specific philosopher, nothing on ethics generally or metaphysics generally etc.
    I think a book is a perfectly fine way to dive into philosophy. You need absolutely no knowledge going into it and even if the subject matter is uninteresting to someone the strength of the writing should be. Idk what else could make a better primer.

    The chapter on Neischze is shit (this was written before a lot of important people had offered their interpritations of his work) but everything else is gold. The Kant chapter is indeed my favorite and the favorite of all my friends who have read it.

    Also the whole book is available chapter by chapter on audiobook on youtube. Prolly shoulda mentioned that, that's how I found it lol
  • and! it's totally appreciated. totally thank you for the books - my intention was textually playful.
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    Reading Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code.

    The book definitely could have been shorter.

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    so what are you thoughts on the Mandela Effect?

    This genius kid says that CERN possibly - but that something definitely - destroyed our universe sending us into the closest parallel universe.

    There seem to be some glitches in mass memory.

    I remember the evil queen in Snow White saying, "Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the fairest one of all?" But the Disney film says "Magic Mirror on the wall"

    Some people will fight tooth and nail that they watched a movie with Sinbad who played a genie - but that movie doesn't exist. And in my memory - it never existed. in Sinbad's memory - it never existed either.

    I don't think it's that - but from what I remember of history - altering the past is a major step with certain styles of gov't. I hadn't been thinking we jumped into a pararelle universe, rather that there will be a rise of monarchy again and totalitarian regimes- the cycle of the human condition. and these peaks of madness and insecurity of thought test the tenderness of social, collective fabrics.

    maybe at one time - the dress was black and blue - as I saw it. maybe the worlds interwined at that moment. those who saw it as a gold and white dress were from the new world. those who saw it as black and blue were from the old world. OR RATHER - in that case - it was the internet connection. not that people. my old world internet carried over with me- while on another's computer it was the new one.

    ****also, i realized this is probably way more Theory and heavily leaning conspiracy-side- rather than philosophy. It's a shit post.
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    see also:

  • I'm trying my hand at Hegel's Phenonomonomenology of Spirit (again) and this time im just gonna read it like the Spirit is the main character and its goin on an odyssey thru hegeland which is not terribly dissimilar to danteland or virgiland. wish me luck, bon voyage fantôme.

    but yes, experimenting with a technique for internalizing philosophical systems thru projection of episodic heroic narrative unto the structure of philosophical system, where ideas become characters and relations between ideas become drama between characters. i think this may be close to what the Hellenistic dramatists did with all those philosopher thoughts.
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    I've been going all around my university to different departments for help reading 1000 plateus and a result is that I've accidentally exposed the philosophy department as being completely without clothes (or at least really, really lame) and the cultural studies department as secretly being the real philosophy department in exile.
    My current teacher who is nearing the end of her graduate program has never read Foucault or Baudrillard but she also hasn't read any Hegel, Kant, or any of the German idealists. I havnt asked but I suspect she doesn't know a whole lot of Husserl or Heidegger either. Apparently the philosophy department at my univserity has decided that contemporary analytic philosophers responding to nobody but other contemporary analytic philosophers about nothing but contemporary analytic questions is the only philosophy worth knowing about.
    Every person I spoke to from the cultural studies department seems to have read at least some of all the greats and knew enough to articulate arguments bringing them all together. They have been a huge help with cracking certain sections of 1000 Platues and recommending secondary reading material but nobody in the department has actually read the whole thing. Academia is a wierd ass place.
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    I also took some passages discussing understanding certain ideas in the book in terms of dimensions to the Math department and the grad student I met with, after reading the passage for about two minutes told me that when philosophers use math it's almost always inaccurate and philosophy is mostly bullshit. I asked him how much philosophy he had read and he said none but proceeded to recommend me a book about how most philosophy is bullshit.
  • @O if that doesn't work, i think reading in a non-consecutive order, paired order would be good, too. It's a technique I learned/used while reading the unabridged "Tale of Genji" -

    so i will read the intro to get a grounding on the content, tone and direction. then with something dense like Phenomenology of Spirit - I would read it in a group: The Revealed Religion & Morality, or Force and the Understanding & Individuality Real In and For Itself -por exemplo
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    then there's the possibility of comparison- a manufactured yang and yin that tosses ideas against one another-which could created a better understanding of each concept individually.
  • speaking of

    "Is you is or is you ain't"

  • Your Name is so amazing
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    I'm just read an introduction to lacainian Psychoanalysis
  • Anyone wanna be my patient
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    We can't be friends anymore becuase I have to dehumanize myself into a manifestation of pure desire you can project the informal Other on but I could help u traverse ur fundamental fantasy to go beyond neurosis and become the subject as drives which is a good thing apparently
  • as long as u get paid

    bout midway thru hegel's phenomenology of spirit at the section where he talks about all the things you can and cant do after you die k thanks hegel lol
  • @shoots - are there any field cases that have stood out in your interests? also, solid pass on your tinkering around.
  • i've only watched the first video in this course, but I'm finding this really interesting

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