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the ALBUM ART thread

i'm starting this again. post interesting, weird, beautiful, or truly awful album art here



  • love that Infest cover but this ones even better imo

  • not close to being one of my favorite Boris albums, but almost their best album cover


  • yep, that one's great
  • Good god, yeah, that's a good one. Good album too
  • Holy shit that cover is incredible
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    The album isn't bad either, if a bit generic as these atmo-black albums tend to be

    EDIT: they go the electronic route for atmosphere with a bit of world, and it's kind of awesome
  • a record label calling themselves "Avant Garde Music" is so pretentious I can't handle it
  • haha true
  • omg lol
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  • i tried to listen to an igorrr record once
    I didn't like it.

    it actually annoyed me.
  • I liked one of their albums, it was pretty good. But best in small doses. Not something I'm inclined to return to very often, if ever.
  • it was you who recommended it to me, and then I stated my opinion and we got in a bit of a tiff actually.
  • Really? I think I remember. I was really impressed with the production and just the overall insanity, but it wears thin fairly quickly, lol.
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    The new one actually has the vocalist from Cattle Decapitation doing vocals on some of the tracks, so there that. That was enough for me to at least give it a try.
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    I've never changed my mind so fast on an album cover as this. The cover image to an invisibleoranges article showed this, which I think is awesome. Love the horse design, the antlered rider staring defiantly as his mounted steed almost parts ways with its head. So many cool little details.


    But the full cover is


    aaand I find the bottom half, just...ugh
  • Tchornobog is fucking crazy, songs are hella long though.
  • Tchornobog's in the queue, haven't gotten around to them yet.
  • It's a doozy
  • This should be a metal cover

  • Yes it should
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