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Amorphous abstract
Series of sensations,
Doings, feelings, states of mind,
Cast rigidly by power
To a single symbol


  • To Goh Endo, You Were Not Alone

    In Yonkers, New York

    at the Greystone Train Station

    wandering over the tracks, one would find

    two almost certainly abandoned benches

    overlooking the Hudson beneath the

    cliffs of the Palisades.

    There is a discoloration in the rocks,

    looking carefully, it would seem to be

    the aftermath of a rock-slide.

    It was just over a year since I last saw you,

    some stupid apartment party, and some kid

    mentioned he went to The Master's School.

    We laughed about Ian Johnston's antics,

    and how Jenna Gorfinkle talked too much.

    I asked him about you,

    I remember the last time I saw you,

    we barely spoke between inhales.

    You mentioned to me that you had

    been feeling depressed.

    All I could say was,

    "I'm with you buddy."

    In Yonkers, New York

    at the Greystone Train Station

    I sit sometimes at the usually empty benches

    where I can see you from across the river,

    still silent, not knowing what to say.

    If I didn't know better,

    I'd ask you what God smelled like

    or how the view was.

    But, inarticulate,

    I stare at you.

    praying, even for a second, that you could see me,

    sitting on the other side of the Hudson,

    before you hit the ground.
    edited July 6
    that was intense. loved that.
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