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2018 hype



  • First 3 tracks are great but the rest is a damn drag. Also there’s some really bad clipping so it definitely doesn’t seem like the mastering job or whatever was fully finished.
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    This is better than Ye, and also Nas’ best album in awhile. But yes the anti-vacc shit is dumb.
  • jesus DG put out another track. Like half the album is already out.
  • listened to sophie’s new record in full. blown away. i had high expectations, and she totally cleared them. almost definitely my AOTYSF. it’s been quite a while since i felt something was a 9/10 or better on first listen (last one was sleep cycle, or maybe flower boy but think i might have had to warm up to it a bit)
  • so is that Bey-Z and Jayoncé album any good?
  • I liked "Apeshit" but I haven't listened to the rest yet.
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    I’m halfway through and... this is really boring other than Apeshit. But I neither care about the Carters’ money nor their streaming numbers so obv it “wasn’t made for me”
  • new Nine Inch Nails album is really cool, this and Not the Actual Events are the best shit they’ve done since The Fragile
  • woah, nice.

    Also, I agree about the Carters' record. I love Lemonade and 4:44, but this is listless. I like it less the more time that passes.
  • Bad Witch is good but I feel like he could have put it together with the best tracks from NTAE and made a really killer album. Still enjoy it though.
  • The Teyana Taylor album is very pleasant. Not as awesome as DAYTONA and maybe on par with Kids See Ghosts, but better than Ye and Nasir for sure.
  • no new music but I already get the sense this will be much better than Book Burner

  • apparently an updated version of the Teyana is coming this week?
  • I've been waiting for this,

    new Ava Luna in Sept. YES
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    i continue to do this because i love myself. and i love myself way more than i love you, so

    robby hypelist:

    hype as fuck:
    SUMAC - Love in Shadow
    KEN mode - Loved
    Pig Destroyer - Head Cage
    Brockhampton - The Best Years of Our Lives
    Thou - Magus
    Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
    Birds in Row - We Already Lost the World

    Drake - Scorpion
    Spiritualized - And Nothing Hurt
    Bongripper - Terminal
    Gorillaz - The Now Now
    Immortal - Northern Chaos Gods

    Anderson Paak
    Loma Prieta
    Earl Sweatshirt
    Flying Lotus
    Danny Brown
    Sunn O)))
    Childish Gambino
    Cult Leader
  • The gorillaz album leaked. Better than Humanz, but kinda boring.
  • Scorpion is gonna be 25 songs jesus fucking christ I already can’t with this shit
  • There’s a new Converge ep coming out tonight/ tomorrow, holy shit. @robby
  • WHAT!!!
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    Oh yeah! I did remember that interview where they said they had leftover material they were gonna release this year. So fucking excited to hear this shit
  • first disc of Scorpion was... fucking great. What the fuck is going on??
  • Oh snap. I had already written it off.
  • I turned it on during the drive to work expecting to goof on it, but he’s actually rhyming on this, and so far it’s not embarrassing the way Views was lol
  • The second disc is even better
  • Haven’t been more surprised this year. I was expecting nothing.
  • Jaded reminds of me of early Weekend, House Of Balloons, dark, minimal. Good production on this album.
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    The second disc is more pop, less rapping, but still good, if you can get past the self importance of the whole thing in general. This is his best since Nothing Was The Same.
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