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2018 hype



  • Also thank you for reminding me to buy tickets for their show in november \m/
  • It’s also weird how Pitchfork is covering them now lol
  • They didn’t even bother to include the album artwork in that post so don’t expect their coverage to be of any kind of quality lol
  • edited August 2018
    It is really strange how Behemoth have been putting out consistently great records for over a decade and yet basic bitch publications like p4k or tnd pretended that The Satanist was their first album that was worth covering
  • note the dates of when Behemoth release their records and when TND started,

    not trying to be a white knight, but don't just hurl shit cuz you can.
  • Regardless it was definitely him getting to the party late because he mentions in his review of The Satanist that he doesn’t like the other Behemoth records. It’s cool that he loved The Satanist but a lot of its positive qualities are equally present in Demigod and what I’ve heard of their other 2000s output. It probably has more to do with what I consider a weak taste in metal, to be frank. I just don’t take dude seriously on most metal and for the most part I don’t take Pitchfork seriously either (unless they have Zoe Camp reviewing, who I like). Occasionally there’s a surprise where he’s on the money with something that isn’t as obviously easy to praise as something like The Satanist or Sunbather, like the new Portal early this year or the final Altar of Plagues record, but he tends to throw most of the great metal records of a given month in his y u no review. It’s fine, he can have his preferences as I have mine, but I generally don’t vibe with him on metal especially.
  • I guess “worth covering” was the wrong way to phrase it, because yeah their previous record was in 2009. Not gonna hold it against him that early lol
  • The Satanist is prob their best record tbh though
  • Yeah but not by the leaps and bounds some think
  • I'll have to go back to their 2000s output like Demigod and Zos Kia, but I think it's not much more than bargain bin morbid angel
  • I’ve never been that crazy about Morbid Angel and I love Demigod so naaaaaah
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    that belongs in the controversial opinions thread. the satanist is great, but behemoth's other albums don't compare at all to altars of madness, blessed be the sick or covenant.
  • Altars of Madness is a death metal classic
  • new High on Fire on the way

  • edited August 2018
    got DAMN that art is amazing
  • Whew that cover art
  • I’m hyped just looking at it
  • Man this is gonna be great I can tell. New Sleep and High On Fire in the same year.
  • I usually don't like super glitchy stuff, but I liked that
  • I'm girding myself for a massive disappointment from this new Pig Destroyer album. These riffs, guitar tones, this chugga chugga stuff... it's just so generic.

  • Weezer released a cover of Africa, now Toto is reciprocating, and for some reason, this is news.
  • listened to that Aphex Twin track like 3 times in a row this morning, so damn stoked for that EP
  • I guess it leaked already?
  • Whhaaaaaaaaaa
  • I researched it. It like 96kbs. That’s a hard pass for me.
  • I mean, what’s even the point, I’ll never be that desperate to hear something.
  • i’m not listening to the single, waiting for the whole thing in HQ. glad you dig the track though, makes me even more psyched
  • why the fuck would anyone listen to anything in 96kbps... much less APHEX FUCKING TWIN???? one would think sound quality would be a bit important for that
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