2018 hype



  • that video is amazing to watch.
  • NEW DJ KOZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fucking yes.
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    update, since Portal, No Age and Sumac/Keiji Haino are all out

    Hype as fuck:
    Panopticon - The Scars of Man And The Once Nameless Wild
    Mount Eerie - Now Only
    Anna von Hauswolff - Dead Magic
    Carnage - Battered Bruised & Bloody
    MGMT - Little Dark Age
    DJ Koze - knock knock

    Albums that might be interesting too I guess:
    Harm's Way - Posthuman
    Titus Andronicus - A Productive Cough

    Loma Prieta
    Danny Brown(?)
  • @Robby you listen to Portal yet?
  • not yet, I'm refreshing myself on Outre and Swarth first to get in the zone
  • jack white's new shit is actually pretty intriguing

  • Thought it was embarrassingly terrible actually
  • oops,

    my bad. better go back to the ol drawing desk.
  • Well, he gets credit for trying something new.
  • Don’t mean to trash anyone for liking it, but I just heard it on the radio a couple days ago and just found it terrible.
  • I don’t like it.
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    Jack White will never do anything as good as the first three White Stripes records ever again.
  • Hopefully it’s better than the last one I guess
  • I didn’t think it was good as Sunbather, but it was pretty good
  • It was pretty weak imo but I’m one of the few people I know who still thinks Roads to Judah is their best, I’m just hoping the decline from there doesn’t continue
  • it probably going to be all midi saxophone
  • i remember liking From the Kettle Onto the Coil quite a bit, but that's only one track
  • much better than New Bermuda, I thought
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    new King Tuff. It's been a while since his last record.
    I still occasionally spin that Happy Birthday record, some truly great tracks on that one.

    Also Wye Oak and The Men both have records coming out soon. I was never really into either group, but yeah.
  • wow this is... really good. “Connected By Love” was abysmal but there might be hope for this Jack White album after all

  • Always interested in new records from The Men.
  • they haven't come out with something I've really liked since 2012, so... eh
  • wait i didn't even know they put something out in 2016. was it good?
  • take a listen yourself man

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    “Cuomo described ‘The Black Album’ at the time as being “darker” and “more experimental and wildly negative”. He explained: “It’s experimenting with more modern electronic elements. It has one foot in the future and one foot in the past. The foot in the past would be like The Jesus & Mary Chain.”

    “Speaking to Zan Rowe on Australian radio station Double J, the group said the album would be available for fans to hear from May 25.”

    I like the description. Could we actually get another good Weezer album? Not holding my breath but we”ll see. The Jesus and Mary Chain reference got my attention as well.
  • Weezer’s electronic shoegaze record. This will either be good or really bad.
  • At this point I have no reason to hope a Weezer album will be good. If it ends up being one of their good ones then it’ll be a nice surprise
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