Fried Foods Thread

feelin fried. post some fried foods u appreciate

funnel cake
fried olives stuffed with blue cheese (served with dirty grey goose martini)
fried oreos
fried okra
fried zucchini blossoms stuff with ricotta


  • chinese style fried bananas on ice cream
  • Walgreens chicken nuggets cooked 6 minutes past the recommended time
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    fried okra!!
    fried pickles
    fried hot dogs (cut in 1/2 then flipped around the pan for bit)

  • Fried Seafood, all kinds.
  • fried sushi
    fried burrito
    fried curds
  • yo i'm changing my name to jimmy changa
  • sliced fried plantains flattened by a butchers knife in 5 month old oil w fried ham in same cookin pot w same oil reuse for eternity for transcendental results
  • i like layering myself in oil and rolling myself in hot air til i cook myself a good fried. the popsicles start to pop in a little way like a fuh fuh inside my ear til i feel a nice fooh fooh then the pop pop makes a nice little nanana and i just ate myself a nice fried chicken sandwich.
  • had some fried eggs rn pretty gr8 experience
  • Thin, fried slices of pork belly with kimchi and bibimbop
  • eating some fried cheese atm v juicy configuration
  • livin in a cheesy dystopian plate
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    Fried meat, vegatables and seafood - this the best choise if you like to eat. And it is better if all these products are grilled
  • can confirm: deceased animals, plants and ocean life are edible. fried or grilled.
  • thanks for the confirmation
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