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Taxi Driver

edited April 21 in General
You are the driver of a taxi (or Uber, whatever) and you mostly pick up and drop people off at the airport where most people are in a rush and probably stressed out.

What full length albums do you play for them over the car speakers?

I'll start.


  • I'm a taxi driver.
    i got dangly shit all over.
    and fun seat lights for night riders
    I play:
  • really good icebreaker id imagine
  • after that i'll slide in tokyo anal dynamite for some good cruisin
  • put a little masonna in your coffee
  • hehehe
  • I like the direction of this thread
  • there's a dude who does Uber on the side at my work,
    and he says that people really respond to late 90's/early 2000's hip hop and modern r'n'b

    so probably that. Be a crowd pleaser.

    also apparently for single dudes, it's a really great way of hooking up!
  • just play the hitsss
  • edited May 15
    I think I would listen to some hard music (metal, rock) so that all passengers will drive me up the wall. I think this is a normal condition of each Uber driver :)
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