Hype 2019



  • It’s Baroness season, baby!

  • Hopefully this means a new album is imminent. Kind of insane to think that it’s been nearly 5 years since You’re Dead!

  • yussssssss
  • what if it's just previously unreported spray paint from 2014 :-B
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  • tfw when the trailer for your next album is longer than one of your songs (Collateral Damage)
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    I'm hoping this album is more like the split FoH did with Intensive Care last year, and less like Trumpeting Ecstasy.

    More coherent songwriting and less gimmicks please.

    Don't get me wrong, I thought Ascending a Mountain was pretty great, but I want to hear them successfully pull off the sludgy deathgrind sound they were attempting in Trumpeting Ecstasy.
  • Also, new !T.O.O.H.! EP coming out April 1st? That date makes me wonder if it's real, but I'm hoping it's going to be good.
  • Stoked on both of those releases
  • interesting, but not crazy about it yet.
  • I really really like this new American Football album. Blows LP2 out of the fucking water, this feels like their real comeback.
  • Started now, liking it so far (on second track)
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    I've been seeing mixed feelings around this track, but I honestly think it may be better than most of what was on Currents.

    The hook is minimal and subtle, but I think it's meant to work into the mood and vibe of the track. It's not flashy like other Tame Impala choruses have been. I think it works really well, especially if it's the closer of the upcoming record.
    Feels very closer-y.
  • Haven’t listened yet, can’t wait
  • I'm listening now and this is good. a welcome change in sound palette
  • Have we talked about the new Mountain Goats album that's due out next month?

    I freaking love the album art

  • wow that art is wonderful!
  • Oh wow. I hope the music is good
  • I actually haven’t kept up with like their past 3 or 4 albums, need to catch up with Darnielle & co
  • I love melon but hummability is not a fair criticism against the tame impala single
  • it does sound like toro y moi and elton john though
  • My youtube recommendations keep trying to force his fuckin Weezer best to worst video on me and I’m not biting. Can already tell he’s gonna be on some bullshit there
  • He’s got White Album as third best
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  • I got through a minute and he literally put Pacific Daydream at the bottom.... which is ridiculous. It's an awful album but the idea that it's worse than Raditude is utterly hilarious, just nonsense recency bias there. Doesn't bode well for the rest of this list when he can't even get the worst album correct.
  • new Jeromes Dream coming out 7/20. Definitely shot up to the top of my most anticipated list
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