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  • That sounds like a good, powerful evocation of the city for sure.
  • yoo Lawrence of Arabia was entertaining for four hours v impressive
  • I saw half of it as a youngster and thought “BORING!” but I’m obviously waiting to see it again as an adult, preferably in a theater
  • I am scared to watch Satantago because I have a feeling I'll be bored to death
  • I can’t fucking wait to watch Satantango
  • Whoa! I did not see this coming

    The Rider was really great and I’d love to see what she does with this
  • Apichatpong has a new 10 minute short that is now on youtube you’re welcome

  • i need to watch Uncle Boonmee again.

    Actually just came back from Thailand for a friend's wedding. It's a gorgeous place.
  • You should watch Tropical Malady if you haven’t, one of the best films of the 2000s
  • It was getting some of the shakiest reviews of Leigh's career. Maybe they're just putting it in a part of the year without competition if it isn't going to win awards.
  • Yeah that’s what it seems like. I actually wasn’t paying much attention to this one’s critical response so I didn’t know that.
  • lol how is mandy receiving so much acclaim

    prolly one of the wackiest nonesense films i’ve seen this year
  • I dug it too, actually i kinda wanna carve out time to rewatch it tbh
  • I love the slow, patient pace of Mandy, it’s like the tempo of doom metal. It’s somewhat similar to why I like S. Craig Zahler’s movies, except he’s way more interested in dialogue than Cosmotos is. In any case i just love these kinds of unhurried approaches to genre/exploitation film
  • Seeing Halloween tonight!
  • Sweet. I heard it was actually good.
  • Those Rob Zombie ones were pretty bad.
  • I’ve been hearing mixed things
  • I'm on a blackout for anything related to it, I want to go back in to it blind.
  • edited October 2018
    There are some cringey as FUCK lines of dialog, especially from Judy Greer's character, but overall I enjoyed Halloween. It's not the atrocity against humanity that 5 and 6 are, and it's better than h20, but probably not as good as 2.
  • edited October 2018
    @ManateeMaster yeah the rob zombie halloweens were terrible. That scene in the first zombie halloween where Michael escapes his cell is baffling.
  • I haven’t seen any of the Halloween sequels, but I actually have friends that speak somewhat highly of H2O
  • H20 is pretty solid, especially compared to the other sequels. I just get really tired of all the fake out jump scares.
  • edited October 2018
    Halloween III: Season of The Witch is fucking weird, have you guys seen it? Michael Myers isn’t in it.
  • edited October 2018
    I have! I actually like that one, it’s really weird as you said but some of the sequences toward the end are pretty unsettling and cool. I love the concept, too.

    I wish John Carpenter’s vision for the Halloween series — for the other movies to not have Michael Myers, and to be more of an anthology series thematically centered around Halloween — had caught on.
  • Saw the new one today. It was... modestly entertaining. Has the same kinds of issues and drawbacks these kinds of sequels and/or reboots always have and I can’t really say DGG & co transcend them. The last 20 or so minutes are pretty fun, but I dunno I was kinda underwhelmed. Can’t say I was ever scared either tbh

    Also for being marketed so heavily as the star, Jamie Lee Curtis is missing from large chunks of this. I feel like this could’ve been a really interesting interpretation of the Halloween narrative through the lense of trauma. That’s what half of the movie is going for, but the other half is going for more standard slasher scaffolding—I liked the babysitter and the kid but none of these characters resonated much for me.
  • I agree with all of that. JLC’s trauma and paranoia could’ve been explored a lot more, and would’ve lent more power to her final confrontation with him. But how do you do that in a slasher? I feel it would’ve been a thriller/drama at that point, which would be interesting, but I doubt Blum would’ve allowed something like that.

    I was pretty worried for how the rest of the movie would play out based on the first act, which was really weak imo.
  • Anyone here see Phase IV? Probably the best killer ant film I’ve seen.
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