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  • That sounds like a good, powerful evocation of the city for sure.
  • yoo Lawrence of Arabia was entertaining for four hours v impressive
  • I saw half of it as a youngster and thought “BORING!” but I’m obviously waiting to see it again as an adult, preferably in a theater
  • I am scared to watch Satantago because I have a feeling I'll be bored to death
  • I can’t fucking wait to watch Satantango
  • Whoa! I did not see this coming

    The Rider was really great and I’d love to see what she does with this
  • Apichatpong has a new 10 minute short that is now on youtube you’re welcome

  • i need to watch Uncle Boonmee again.

    Actually just came back from Thailand for a friend's wedding. It's a gorgeous place.
  • You should watch Tropical Malady if you haven’t, one of the best films of the 2000s
  • It was getting some of the shakiest reviews of Leigh's career. Maybe they're just putting it in a part of the year without competition if it isn't going to win awards.
  • Yeah that’s what it seems like. I actually wasn’t paying much attention to this one’s critical response so I didn’t know that.
  • lol how is mandy receiving so much acclaim

    prolly one of the wackiest nonesense films i’ve seen this year
  • I dug it too, actually i kinda wanna carve out time to rewatch it tbh
  • I love the slow, patient pace of Mandy, it’s like the tempo of doom metal. It’s somewhat similar to why I like S. Craig Zahler’s movies, except he’s way more interested in dialogue than Cosmotos is. In any case i just love these kinds of unhurried approaches to genre/exploitation film
  • Seeing Halloween tonight!
  • Sweet. I heard it was actually good.
  • Those Rob Zombie ones were pretty bad.
  • I’ve been hearing mixed things
  • I'm on a blackout for anything related to it, I want to go back in to it blind.
  • edited October 20
    There are some cringey as FUCK lines of dialog, especially from Judy Greer's character, but overall I enjoyed Halloween. It's not the atrocity against humanity that 5 and 6 are, and it's better than h20, but probably not as good as 2.
  • edited October 20
    @ManateeMaster yeah the rob zombie halloweens were terrible. That scene in the first zombie halloween where Michael escapes his cell is baffling.
  • I haven’t seen any of the Halloween sequels, but I actually have friends that speak somewhat highly of H2O
  • H20 is pretty solid, especially compared to the other sequels. I just get really tired of all the fake out jump scares.
  • edited October 20
    Halloween III: Season of The Witch is fucking weird, have you guys seen it? Michael Myers isn’t in it.
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