• the soundtrack and animation to spiderverse is +++++
  • might be the first time i 'got' emo rap lol
  • Only downside to that was having to hear Post Malone
  • RIP Michel Legrand. Terrific that he was able to score The Other Side of the Wind before he left us.
  • Emo rap isn't too hard to get, it can be dope -
  • seeing Being John Malkovich in the cinema tonight, first viewing in nearly 10 years
  • Dang! Enjoy!
  • oh fuck yes! one of my favorite films.
  • Wrote a bit about my response to this second viewing. I... had thoughts.
  • What did you guys think about Can You Ever Forgive Me? Thinking about checking it out.
  • Loved it. McCarthy and Richard E. Grant give some of the best performances from last year.
  • Absolutely. A smart script and really solid direction as well.
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    High Flying Bird is my favorite Soderbergh since like... Haywire I think. Fantastic script, phenomenal cast, builds to a really strong finale. (Also has no clue it was shot on an iPhone until after I saw it, it’s leaps and bounds better looking than Unsane. First terrific movie of 2019.
  • 100% agreed.
  • count it 3 times, I also loved High Flying bird. Soderbergh is pretty hit or miss for me, but I ate this one up. Tremendous writing throughout.
  • He’s so obscenely prolific that not all of em are gonna be winners. I thought Unsane was incredibly stupid, and a waste of a truly excellent Claire Foy performance.
  • the new Rian Johnson movie comes out the day before my birthday!
  • Hell yeah man!
  • I still like The Last Jedi, even if the third act was a little too long
  • I think it’s easily like the 2nd or 3rd best Star Wars movie and the fanboy backlash will forever be ridiculous.
  • All of the newer Star Wars films other than Rogue One are utter trash so much that even Episode 3 winds up being more original and entertaining than the slop they put as SW recently.
  • Rogue One is very much not my thing (the sense of inevitability takes away any stakes) and Episode III finishes strong (truly—lava planet is good), but man it gets to a rough start with an opening action sequence that feels entirely shot by a second unit.

    And the “romance” is laughable, only a fraction of the chemistry Rey and Kylo have.
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    Rogue One was boring soulless trash until the last 20 minutes.
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    They're all kinda subpar in some way, just some less than others. I just give Lucas credit for actually trying to build new worlds and bringing a different tone to the series even if he failed overall. The latest series feels like a lazy rehash at times.
  • At times I agree it’s a rehash, especially Force Awakens, but Last Jedi does make some major shifts I think are important, especially criticism of what came before and a far more interesting Luke.
  • haha shiiit could not disagree more. opinions are crazy, huh? last jedi is so much better than rogue one to me that it’s difficult to imagine preferring the latter but you do you mang. rogue one is the type of film i am basically never compelled to watch again wheres the last jedi is worth a rewatch at least once a year. suppose this is just a testament to subjectivity and its centrality in appreciation of art. i legitimately have serious trouble understanding your point of view yet understand it’s just as valid as mine. wild indeed.
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