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    High Fidelity

    Things I liked:
    - How it portrayed music fans, less as dorks and more as childish losers. We're all got a bit of that in us, don't we?
    - The plot and how it was strung out in an interesting way. It wasn't an exposition-problem-fixing of problem type thing, obviously it had its issues being a Hollywood-ified film, but it felt like a flowing natural progression without being predictable.
    - The performances. I feel identifiable with Cusack's character, just much less of an asshole.
    - The funnies. they worked.
    - The soundtrack

    Things I weren't so hot on:
    - The ending

  • I enjoy that film but the book is fantastic.
  • I don't remember the ending, could you share why you didn't like it?

    and id super like to read the book one day, I've always kinda meant to read some Nick Hornby
  • I do enjoy that film probably the best John cusack role maybe barring being John Malkovich
  • yeah I'd put those two up there, I haven't seen Say Anything or many of his other notables tho
  • the ending is a bit of a less cringe worthy version of the "and everything works out OK"
    like, everything wraps up nicely.

    Even though I say it's less cringe worthy, it's still a little cringe-y.

    Not enough to take away from how good the rest of the film was, though. And I even smiled when it finished, it's sachrine, but still nice.
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    He is good in Say Anything, and he isn't terrible in...

    Love & Mercy.

    This movie (a Beach Boys biopic, in ways) was surprisingly good, and I recommend people check it out. Paul Dano is a perfect and surprisingly Brian Wilson and the way the director uses sound in this movie really got to me. It puts you in Wilson's manic headspace and into the recording process of Pet Sounds and the beginnings of Smile. 

    An inspired movie, all in all. 

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    Here was a little exercise I did this morning. I tried to come up with my favorite performances of the year, and I asked myself why I liked these performances so much. What were some of your favorite performances?

    Favorite performances of the year so far:

    Lead Actress:
    Juliette Binoche - Clouds of Sils Maria (She shows aging with grace, and plays so well off Stewart)
    Charlize Theron - Mad Max: Fury Road (Our new Ripley. She's simply amazing in this)
    Amy Poehler - Inside Out (A rich man's Leslie Knope, with more nuance and so much energy)
    Rinko Kikuchi - Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (She carries the film as the treasure hunter, and she makes it utterly engaging)
    Maika Monroe - It Follows (She's becoming one of the great horror actresses we have)

    Supporting Actress
    Kristen Stewart - Clouds of Sils Maria (Maybe my favorite performance of them all--I'm just happy that she's figuring "it" out and able to show how dynamic of a performer she is. Here, she knows how to play of one of the greats and have a film relationship with her, showing a completely believable relationship between assistant and actress, between a protege and boss, between friends)
    Alicia Vikander - Ex Machina (She shifts in this film, showing small nuances, giving a wonderful performance as the robot the film is build around)
    Phyllis Smith - Inside Out (Who doesn't love Sadness?)
    Chloe Grace Moretz - Clouds of Sils Maria (A firecracker in a film that can use one)
    Elizabeth Banks - Love & Mercy (Woah, I didn't know I liked Elizabeth Banks. She makes the typical biopic portions of Love & Mercy work better than they should)

    Lead Actor
    Paul Dano - Love & Mercy (Out acts Cusack by truly embodying the man he is portraying, and not in a  typical biopic-y parroting way, but by finding his own wedge into Brian Wilson)
    Tom Hardy - Mad Max: Fury Road (Could Tom Hardy be our modern day Buster Keaton? Probably not, but he gives a great, physical silent performance here)
    Leland Orser - Faults (Takes his natural ability to portray sliminess and makes it sympathetic in this "cult" film)
    Joshua Burge - Buzzard (You follow this buzzard as he destroys his own life, which is no easy task)
    Domhnall Gleeson - Ex Machina (Playing the straight man, but shifts slowly in the film just as Vikander and Isaac due--subtly)

    Supporting Actor
    Oscar Isaac - Ex Machina (Brotastic evil genius and amazing doing it)
    Abdel Jafri - Timbuktu (The ISIL man who can't give up cigarettes, creates a humane Islamic extremist who may not be so extreme)
    Michael Fassbender - Slow West (Carries this Western more than anyone else in it, though Ben Mendelsohn isn't far off--he is number 6 on this list just for being weird and funny and for his wardrobe. Fassy is just one of the most engaging actors working today)
    David Zellner - Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (He nails the Fargo cop role. Nice dual actor / filmmaker job for Zellner as well)
    Nicholas Holt - Mad Max: Fury Road (It's a lovely, lovely day!)

  • I agree with all of that! I'll post some other picks later

    does anyone else here use mubi? there's so many great movies on there atm - two early Antonionis, The Host, 2 Weerasethakuls, Chaplin shorts, The Turin Horse, and an Ornette Coleman documentary. gotta step my film watching game up
  • apparently whoever picked these movies is a pretty big Wes Anderson fan

    photo 713974B4-AFA9-4F65-A733-2C960A4E72B7.png
  • A nice little variety. 
  • Yeah I've never been able to go down for one of those because I'm always at work. I've heard they get pretty crowds for it.
  • Seriously, October is amazing. I've seen 4 of the films!

    An interesting Cronenberg horror film that I think is solid and is due for a rewatch. 
    A 3 hour Japanese film about traditional ghost stories. (I haven't seen, but I want to!)
    A lovely film about a gay Marcello Mastroianni and a lonely Sophia Loren becoming friends as the fascists take over Italy.
    Easily my favorite Gus Van Sant film, which is a retelling of Henry V with male prostitutes.
    Mulholland Muthafuckin' Drive.

  • can someone clue me in to what these criterion releases signify? better quality and new content?

    that new cover is super lame, though. the original is a classic
  • the cover for what, Mulholland Drive? What particular original cover are you referring to?
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    from my limited experience, Criterion offers a deluxe version of a film, best quality, etc. for film aficionados.

    packed with extras like commentaries, never before seen footage and interviews, essays, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

    They're also collectors items, and if I could, I'd order so many titles from the Criterion Collection.

    I mean there's nothing which really says "Criterion is better", but they just seem to take care, and like The Dissolve was in a way, is a service specifically for fans of the true art which is film.
  • They just have great curatorial skills and are good about getting classics out there for a new generation.
  • I also enjoy their variety of titles, from the classics of world cinema like 8 1/2 and Tokyo Story to niche cult things like Hausu and Pink Flamingos
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    i guess cover is the wrong word but the primary image associated with the movie, the theatrical release poster as seen here:

    and thanks for the answer, nick!
  • I don't think it's really essential to the movie or anything, I've seen a variety of posters for Mulholland Drive
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    not saying it's essential or anything. i just much really like that image.
  • Nick and Robby nailed it. 
  • I kind of really want to see Trainwreck but not because I'm a big Apatow fan.

    I want to see Lebron and Cena.
  • I saw it yesterday to kill some time and I didn't really give a shit about any of it. Lebron and Cena were a couple high points though frankly I could've used more of Cena and Lebron may as well have been the lead, I identified more with him and Bill Hader than anything going on with Amy Schumer
  • aesthetically speaking, new Inarritu looks pretty great. i might be more intrigued about this than Birdman just for its spectacle (though being Inarritu it does look understandably self-serious)

  • @Rpbby wow I'm surprised LeBron did that well considering he hasn't acted before. At least Cena had all those terrible action movies and years of wrestling promos and stuff.
  • Performance

    Loved it, it was a weird trippy out there film. Edited in such a way that kept me on my toes, and the performances were great, with Mick Jagger seeming to rise above the all knowing cosmic sage character which he initially seemed to be.
    I thought it was going to be a "two worlds clash -- they learn and respect each other by the end" type of thing,
    but it wasn't, it was more of... James Fox's character learning how to actually understanding life instead of just living it.

    I really thought it was a piece of work which made me experience something, and similar to Inherent Vice, its druggy overtones sucked me in and made it intoxicating. 

  • ooop just got it.

    performance, and how Farber and Turner break down Chas' "performance", and make him a real person.
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