• Love me some Nicolas Roeg. The editing is STILL cutting edge, from Performance to Don't Look Now. 
  • I wanna see Don't Look Now quite a bit, it's in Kermode's top 10.
  • so disney announced a live action Aladdin prequel about the origin of the Genie

    y'know, the genie voiced by Robin Williams

    less than a year after he died
  • The fact that it's live action makes that okay in my mind.

    Especially considering Dan Castellaneta was the last person to voice the genie to begin with.
  • still, the timing smacks of bad taste
  • Rob McElhenney, AKA Mac from Always Sunny, is directing a Minecraft film

    the weirdest part about this is that Minecraft apparently needed to be a movie
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    The Minecraft movie will be a massive financial success even if it's absolutely terrible. It's probably the biggest intellectual property out there outside of Star Wars.

    I mean if the Lego Movie was good anythings possible I guess
  • The fact that it was sold for $2.5B should tell you everything you need to know about why there will be a Minecraft everything. Those kids are crazy as shit for it.
  • dude they could put a 2 hour episode of the Yogscast in theaters and it'd probably make $50M
  • tell me what that means
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    they're a loosely scripted Minecraft series on YouTube that makes millions annually and has like 5 billion total views at this point.

    It's actually pretty enjoyable, not that I give a flying fuck about Minecraft.
  • I don't get Let's Plays.

    just watching someone else play a video game seems counter productive to me.
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    i guess it can make you better if you pick up strategy/gameplay tips. also people can get hooked on certain commentators' personalities. i went through a brief phase in middle school in which i watched a lot of CoD commentators, and i won't deny that it was enjoyable
  • I guess I'm just ignorant, but I just found out that Duncan Jones, director of Moon and Source Code, is David Bowie's son. 
  • I'm somewhat surprised you didn't know that
  • I know! That's what everyone is telling me. 

    Sometimes, I guess obvious facts just slip under my nose. 
  • lol I can't wait for this movie. It might be a huge failure, or great, or both. But I'm in the mood for something this batshit. 

  • yeah im down, the more Inarritu goes into genre territory the more I like him

    well, providing it gets done in time
  • Batman v Superman is only good with The Nightman Cometh over it

  • always support your local noise scene, friends
  • I'll do it when you support thedowngoing
  • Sound of Noise

    What happens when you bring together a cop crime drama, a musical, a group of terrorists, and a satire on the stuffiness of modern classical music?
    The fantastic Swedish film Sound of Noise, that's what. This film is charming, very sweet, incredibly funny, and at its core, a smart film about letting your own original voice fly.

    The film follows Amadeus Warnebring, a tone-deaf policeman born out of a musical household. The viewer infers the feeling that Warnebring was a disappointment to his parents due to the fact that he was unable to play an instrument, especially compared to his world famous composer brother, Oscar.
    Warnebring is in the middle of an extremely strange case where he is tracking down a series of "musical terrorists", a group of people who put on guerrilla musical performances in odd places, playing beat driven music with the objects they find at the scene of their "crime".

    The film is made with a great attention to detail, a story which kept me guessing, and engrossed. There's a sort of sound fluidity through out the film, the film has an excellent score and is mixed remarkably well. Music will be played in one scene, and then will continue to the next as background music. The comedy is played so straight it's almost subtle, and the dramatic and tense points in the film are brought in well to add some depth without disrupting the flow.

    I also enjoyed (at least what I thought were) the themes, with Warneberg being put off not by music, but by the idea of art being constricted by a rigid set of rules. Classical music, while being able to be experimental and left field, is rooted in tradition. The musical terrorists, (in particular Sanna, the leader) are against rules and regulations in art, but also in life. I feel that's why Warneberg is so fascinated by what the group is doing, and why the film is called the Sound of Noise, as it's a play on the Sound of Music. It's bridging the gap between the two, and showing how they can live harmoniously, instead of the stuffy uptight types thinking that proper music can only be taught and performed with strings and brass.

    Overall, I thought this was a fantastic film, very enjoyable, and I had a smile on my face pretty much the entire time. Highly recommended.

  • only film critic that could list Minions as one of the best films of the year so far and still be a boss

  • The Devil's Backbone

    Nice little horror/fantasy-thriller,with the creepy bits being creepy, but not forgetting to have an engrossing plot.
    There was a nice level of emotional depth to it as well, which I really enjoyed.

  • guys, I have bad news.

    Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser isn't a good movie.
  • He was inside a trailer and a tornado made him travel back in time to 1965. What even is this movie I can't take it.
  • "Rubies? I love any place that sounds like boobies.... man where's a crowd when you need em I could get some lols going" - Joe Dirt (2015)
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