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General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • yea, no, honestly. who's rolling stones audience? U2 definitely use to be their beacon. if that remains so, I could understand why they took the leap to put them at #3 for their audience, but who are they calling to?

    what radio station is playing new U2 releases?
  • their demo is old people who stopped trying
  • much like U2, passively accepting that their best days are behind them
  • Also probably some international audiences
  • They're number 3 in the top 50 songs of the year to. With Harry Styles 'Sign Of The Times' at number 1. I mean I liked the Harry Styles album but best song is a bit of a stretch, certainly good in comparison to his work in One Direction but like it's a shitshow of what's popular then a U2 promo
  • @ttk that lofi sound gives it an ethereal feel, I dig it.
  • very good ^
  • i like this kitty album, didn't even know it came out
  • @o

    absofuckinglutely blowing Cindy Lee up at every proper opportunity, IRL. <3
  • Anyone else digging nai palm (of hiatus kaiyote)'s new release? Been loving the hell outta it recently!
  • yeah man, it's on my loved list.

    Crossfire/So Into You is pretty stellar.
  • I found Portishead's self titled and Third in a $2 bin at work,
    the self titled is a pretty overlooked album. You can see the groundwork being laid for Third.

    there's this little highlight, too.

    I've also had a chance to re-evaluate Third, it's much better than I remember.
    I was driving around with it playing, and it fit the hot arid climate which my town's experiencing right now.
    Angular, dry, unforgiving ... just works so well.
  • edited December 2017
    I don't think the self titled is overlooked at all and it remains my favorite, especially the live version...but I might be biased because as an older skater that album instantly conjures up one of my favorite parts of all time:

  • i used to personally underrate s/t, but i've come to really love it. especially fuckin "undenied"
  • Danny Brown just called A Crow Looked at Me the best album of 2017 I now feel even more confident about my pick
  • pitchfork reviewed a compilation called Habibi Funk,

    I decided to check out a track;

    yeh I'm fuckin listening to this whole thing.
  • the way it moves between very different ideas
  • diving into some late 60's/early 70's baroque psychedelia and holy shit I'm finding some gems

    thank you RYM.
  • I like it.

    What makes it 'baroque'?
  • from rym:

    "Baroque pop is a style of Pop that emerged in the mid 1960s when several Pop Rock recording artists began incorporating elements of Western Classical Music into their music. Many pop songs by then had already made use of instruments previously associated with classical music, such as harpsichord and strings, but baroque pop was distinguished for its majestic, melancholic sound that was more reminiscent of the Baroque Music of the 17th-18th century. "

    I love rym when I'm lazy or just got out of bed, I can go and just copy paste <3
  • can someone recommend me some cumbia?
  • I'm sorta familiar with the electronic spin off to Cumbia, but not the genre itself.
  • anything you'd recommend from that too?
    edited December 2017
    I mostly know of the really big artists, like Chancha Via Circuito and Meridian Brothers.
    The most well known album of this genre would be Chancha Via Circuito's Rio Arriba

    The catalogue of label ZZK Records is probably a good place to just sift through, they specialise in the genre (and Rio Arriba was released through them)
    I really dug this record from Nicola Cruz from a few years back, apparently it's more Latin electronic than digital cumbia according to RYM so iunno.

    I also enjoyed this little collaborative EP from artists El Búho & Barrio Lindo

  • also here's the ZZK records youtube channel, just go through that and find gems like I have been doing;
  • sooooo “BLEACH” is officially a top 5 Brockhampton joint, yes?
  • Can someone plant this?
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