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General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • @TJ I’ve been just listening to it on apple music but I can try to find t when I get home
  • anyway guys now I’m jumping into the abyss and listening to that new weezer album. god help me
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    So this isn’t necessarily a Raditude-level embarrassment the way “Feels Like Summer” made me think it would be, but it left me feeling something no previous Weezer album probably ever has: utter indifference. There’s just nothing special here—it’s their safest, most squeaky clean and inoffensive record ever (yeah, more than Green) and that just makes it mostly a chore to get through. They clearly put no passion into this material, to the point where they seem to be (paradoxically) forcing this sense of a carefree attitude without writing anything remotely memorable to suit that vibe. It just ends up being adult contemporary coachella rock. There’s not a single track that pulled me above utter indifference, and needless to say “LA Girlz” and “Do You Wanna Get High” alone smoke this entire album. It’s aggressively inoffensive, which might as well be its offense.
  • I'm so afraid to jump into that pool.
  • It is completely inessential. Not a single great or even memorable song but it’s not even interesting or bold enough to be an utter trainwreck. Raditude and Make Believe are far worse, but at least they provoke something in me. This is just boring.
  • Saturation 3 is so strong. Agree Bleach is top 5
  • wish the final Alan Vega album got more attention. This might be the loudest thing of 2017

  • I really liked it.
  • I can’t believe it didn’t at least make TMT’s list.
  • I don’t understand how it didn’t get more attention considering Suicide is such a revered band and the man died just last year

  • spinetta was pretty tight
  • hEY cOLONY WATS GOING ON oh no caps lock
  • in a state of forced isolation posting on internet forums again

    how goes the telepathic kid
  • there's a blast from the past

    I'm going fine.
  • fine goings are good good goings are finer

  • this album is so nice to fall asleep to
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    this guy makes some cozy ass music

  • that bach go hard
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  • to whoever recommended/mentioned Thought For Food by The Books, thanks! I'm really enjoying it, especially All Our Base Are Belong To Them
  • probably me. ~_~
  • I used to listen every day to "I'm yours" from Jason Mraz, I know the song is garbage now, but definitely I think there has to bee some good, well produced, and that took a little bit more effort to make than this, but that gives out a kind of similar feeling of relaxation. Am I right? Do you know any song or album that is like that song but better somehow?
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    went for a walk;

    John Fahey - Fare Forward Voyagers (Soldier's Choice)

    So I wanna get into the genre of American Primitivism. It's a style of music which is based on droning fingerpicked acoustic guitars, slightly avant garde, maybe a little Americana influenced, who knows.
    Why not go to the guy who apparently started the whole thing, John Fahey. This record is no frills, just three tracks adding up to 44 minutes.
    The way the dude builds up tension and releases it though, it's impressive.
    Also through these long pieces, some times they seem improvised or cut down, but through out he's referencing other parts of the track and bringing back motifs. It's very orchestrated, and ebbs and flows with a lot of grace.

    A meditative record, I don't think he intended people to really study it. I'm sure you can, but I found this to be perfect walking material, just to listen to and watch the cars pass by.
    Very hypnotic, and just an all round enjoyable album.


    Jim O'Rourke - Bad Timing

    To continue on this American Primitivism kick, I decided to listen to a more contemporary record of the genre.
    I've heard O'Rourke's stuff before ... kinda.
    I've heard some of his noise/avant stuff, and I heard Simple Songs. Haven't heard Insignificance or Eureka... probably should.
    I also heard his cover of Fast Car which was cool, and obviously his work with Sonic Youth kinda gave them a second wind.

    This was a different beast though, completely instrumental and true to the Primitivism outline that Fahey put forth, but all four tracks incorporates a certain interesting tweak, like additional instruments, or an addition of a drone, or even just a post rock type quiet section which slowly moves into a crescendo.
    though the crescendos here aren't like, crashing or booming, they just slowly add sound, layers of drone and instrumentation until O'Rourke feels it's fitting the end the piece.

    The record is a lush, warm, and inviting place. Where Fahey doesn't mind getting dissonant, holding minor chords to add tension or picking up the pace to add urgency, Bad Timing moves at a very languid and relaxed pace. The upbeat moments are joyful and sweet, and it never really pushes too far (except if you're not that patient).

    Yeah I thought it was cool.


    best tracks; 94 The Long Way, Happy Trails

    King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Gumboot Soup

    They did it. They fuckin' did it.
    They got out 5 records, and I liked a good deal of them, including this one!

    Apparently this is a bit of an odds and sods package, with it being the tracks which didn't make the other 4 records. You can definitely hear it, as the record isn't that focused.
    Greenhouse Heat Death is an obvious outtake from Flying Banana, Superposition has the polyrhythms and electronic experimentation of Polygondwanaland, and The Last Oasis could have easily fit onto Sketches of Brunswick East.
    There's also some meshes of styles which sound like they could be from other records or even future records. The Great Chain of Being is the heaviest thing they've released this year, even heavier than anything from Murder of the Universe (might have been an outtake from that record, who knows), Down the Sink does funk rock in their usual unusual timing and it feels like a place where the Gizz could go to make something a bit more accessible.
    I'm Sleepin' In feels almost like a late Beatles cut, with faux strings and a simply irresistible bassline (albeit with a harmonica solo).
    Also the tracks Beginner's Luck and The Wheel make me want more singing from Ambrose! He has such a blues ready voice, which works so well with their funkier and smoother tracks.

    Despite sounding like a hodgepodge, song for song it might be the strongest they released last year. Every track is strong, with something to take away from it. It's almost like a compilation album from records which didn't exist (I mean it kinda is, but you know what I mean)
    It's just 11 tracks which feel like they'd be stand outs if put on other records. Honestly I think this could be a good starter for people wanting to get into the Gizz. It showcases a majority of the styles they dabble in and all the songs are great. If someone doesn't enjoy this release, it's almost a good bet they don't enjoy the Gizz at all.

    Not cohesive at all, but it's a strong, fun and extremely enjoyable listen.

    best tracks: Down the Sink, All Is Known, I'm Sleepin In, Beginner's Luck


    also the other week I listened to Charli XCX's Pop 2, which was really cool. Neat little pop mixtape, not really any fat, and the plethora of guests on nearly every track didn't detract from it being Charli's project.
  • Someone made a vaporwave track from that Weird Russian song 7th Element
  • ahhh thats great, that was waiting to happen
  • i love vitas lol
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