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General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • that radio announcer is awesome
  • the legendary kamasami kong
  • What does everyone make of Sigrid? She just won BBC Music Sound of 2018. Pretty interesting pop music and I like how free and into it she is on stage and in performances. Makes it more enjoyable when the artist is visibly engaged I think. Great voice too.

  • oh hello.

  • A bit of a mixed response from me on this one.

    I love the initial idea and the fuzzed out recording, but it just repeats the same verse/bridge/chorus three times and then ends.
    Like why even bother listening past the first minute and a half.
  • on the flipside though,

    I actually dig the new Decemberists track quite a bit. Colin Meloy's vocals work over the krautrock/minimal wave inspired backdrop to create a nice moody piece of synth pop.
  • I’m listening to nothing but this morning I was listening to Seattle based duo Brother Raven and boy are they good.
  • i listen to nothing but a jack hammer and sirens.
  • i like to listen to the inside of a freezer
  • §ԾᴗԾ§

  • this is pretty cool
  • also I feel it answers the questions of if he was being real or just fucking about on the record.

    Like he obviously went in trying to make a commercially and critically successful album, and he admits that. On the other hand, he says he also was able to be more personal and this type of production allowed that personal side of him show a little more.
  • easily some of the best powerviolence I’ve heard in a while

  • edited January 2018
    P4K really fucked up on the new Go-Team for me. It's so much fun and has a deeper message than they gave it credit for. I'm obsessed with "Plans are like a dream u organise" at the moment.

    Also hey everyone. Hope you're well.
  • oh shit I actually went for a walk and listened to that today.
    it's really good! A little unforgettable in some parts in my opinion, but it's definitely part of the upswing after the severely overlooked The Scene Between.
    Strikes a good mix of their old cheerleader jazz cop chase theme type stuff and the newer approach to clearer pop songwriting.

    also I listened to the new tune yards. Kinda disappointing. Maybe not as bad as Fant or P4k say, but it's still her weakest album thus far.
  • I was bummed about the new Tune-Yards. You’re right, it’s definitely her worst album.
  • love me some city pop, thanks Col.

    some great almost summer-y beach-y math rock;

  • palm!!! my friend showed me them over winter break & i was hooked
  • i loooove reich
  • thanks rym for helping me find this...

    j-pop shoegaze fusion?

  • edited February 2018
    revisiting that last Oathbreaker album and this track still blows me the fuck away. one of the best songs of the decade imo

    her screaming at the end is straight up one of the most chilling things I've ever heard
  • I agree 100%. This was my favorite track on that album, and her vocals throughout the album are intensely harrowing.
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