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General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • Just saw Cornelius again recently. Next level stuff, music and performance-wise. Yuko Araki is a monster drummer. Any thoughts on his new album? His crew interviewed me after the show and were surprised that I liked it: "so it's not a problem for you that the lyrics are in Japanese?" me: "no, ultimately lyrics are not that important. good music is a language all it's own. My favorite band is Welsh."

  • also adore the clientele. got to see them for like $15 last semester, only a few minutes from where i live (walking). it was a super intimate show and they were as humbly beautiful as ever
  • i agree @Sir - i don't need to understand lyrics to like the song.
  • but if I do understand the lyrics, i need to like them. shit can't be basic and repetitive for no damn reason.
    unless there's lots of reverb and melodius vocal instrumentation.
    then it's good again.
  • @demikat for sure good lyrics can make a great song even better, but even shit lyrics can be redeemed by great music. Just like stupid band names can take on some strange significance if the band's music is awesome. Can't think of examples where it works the other way around (great lyrics saving terrible music.)
  • yea...great lyrics saving terrible music..
    that does need an investigation. has it ever happened that way around?

    I have an idea of a song - but it's a guilty pleasure!!! cuz i like it cuz of the lyrics, but I can't say that it's a good song
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    it's an amazing song!!! ^o^
  • @sirfrankiecrisp Me too! Saw them in Los Angeles and it was so beautiful. I wonder if Melon has ever tried them out, not sure if it's his cup of tea or not.
  • @geogadd1 awesome, "humbly beautiful" is the perfect description for their music and vibe
  • @CassetteCadet at Teragram? I was there : )
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    @demikat oh jeez, that's stuck in my head now @-)
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  • @sirfrankiecrisp Yeah! Wow, small world. haha
  • man like half the forum is in LA area now
  • i'm grossly exaggerating
  • disproportionate tho
  • I remember back in the days where the only users of this forum in the entire state of California were me, Danny and Alex, and those guys don't even go on the forum anymore. Weird to see how that's changed
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    Now I'm curious, is anyone else here from Utah?
  • you're from Utah? for some reason i thought you were from the UK
  • Nah I'm in Utah, but I'd love to visit London some day.
  • maybe you wrote UT at some point and I read it too quick
  • ohhhh i get it

    ut and uk are so alike
  • "Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles." -Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Aussie shout outs!

    where's mah boi @FeelsStore. I dunno if he's still in Aus any more he was in the UK or something for a bit, who knows.
  • I am in Minneapolis where we have just suffered 2 feet of snow even though it’s spring but I also just got a girlfriend so the city has overall been kind to me
  • i'm in an office next to a mcdonalds and across the street from a jackhammer going dt dt dt dt dt dt dt dt dt dt
  • i’m moving to CA this summer so the number’s about to go up (bay area tho)
  • Another reason I need to visit the bay one of these days
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