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General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • Lil B's Im Gay is actually so good damn
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    a full album of Blanck Mass goes Anaal Nathrakh would be tight.
  • Listening to the new DJ Koze, it’s really wonderful.
  • Didn’t know it came out, thanks
  • yeeeehaw about to listen, thanks. currently listening to the new jon hopkins. it's quite good, immaculately produced. i am a little disappointed it isn't as much of an evolution in the context of his recent stuff (contact note -> insides and insides -> immunity were both quantum leaps in quality and experimentation), but i get that he's found a zone that works incredibly well. singularity feels like immunity refined and sharpened, and it has its own charms for sure. excited to see him in a few weeks!
  • Just realized the DJ Koze leak is missing some tracks:( but it comes out officially tonight.
  • @Ocaml you da real mvp
  • Dear teenage Robby that thought this album was boring: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU.

  • I think when it comes to Sabbath I had a very narrow "If it doesn't sound like Master of Reality or Heaven and Hell, get that shit outta here!" attitude. Just wanted the heavy shit, which this album delivers but it's so goddamn versatile.

    Like fuck this is a top ten Black Sabbath track, easily. Fucking mindblowing musicianship here.

  • anyone remember Kids & Explosions?
    This is kinda like that, but a little more chaotic and more breakcore inspired.
    Maybe a little bit of Jason Forrest's work in there, too.

    its cool shit though.
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    Hola, I'm new. I didn't see anything happening in the new guy area, so I'm just gonna post here. I hope everyone is doing fantastic, by the way. As far as what I've been jamming recently, I've really been digging Babylon Dead's debut, Evil (Japan), Schafott from Germany, lots of Celph Titled and Apathy, Anti Cimex and a box set of Order from Chaos releasd on the always quality NWN! Records. I'm all over the map and that's just tip o' the iceberg...oh! Almost forgot, new shit from Nik B. on Ronin Rhythm is super tight as well!
  • 7 is a better Slowdive record than what we got last year.
  • I liked the new Slowdive record, I thought it was great. But I really love this Beach House record.
  • It’s the sonic step forward that they really should’ve made right after Teen Dream, but it’s really nice all the same. Glad to be impressed by an album by these guys again.
  • The Body

    I want an entire The Body album with Lingua Ignota exclusively on vocals
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  • luis vargas is so good on them strings
  • I am liking the new Arctic Monkeys.

    Not a love, but the space age lounge pop angle is appealing to my ears (at least more so than their other stuff)
  • I started Rausch, first track was pretty great, but track 2 is uh....... not good. That drum beat gets really annoying.
  • and it continues onto track 3....someone please tell me this goes away soon
  • oh no...what have you done wolfgang...
  • this song has a good beat
  • god fucking dammit I never wanted to say this sentence but I’m really digging that new post malone record way more than I feel comfortable admitting. Like shit, this is one of my favorite tracks of the year easy

  • post malone is the millennial phil collins
  • I fall apart is still the best Bon Iver ripoff track I ever heard
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