General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • holy shit they're blatantly ripping off a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, what am i listening to?
  • Shit on a stick
  • existence
  • Went on a road trip recently, so I got the chance to go through a good number of albums I've been meaning to get to.
  • somone give me an album to listen to tonight plz im finally thru my backlog
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    and by that I mean I lost my backlog
  • We Cool?
  • Scar Sighted
  • downloaded we cool listening momentarily thanks for the RECCOMENDATION
  • Smog-Knock Knock
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    Nicolas Jaar- Nymphs II and III and Pomegranates
  • Yes- Relayer
  • All Brian Eno's 70's stuff
  • spirit of eden and laughing stock on repeat. also a lot of beatles and the flaming lips. the soft bulletin is clicking so hard; the first stretch of four songs is some of the best music i've ever heard
  • 12 Reasons to Die II, probably a waste of time.
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    On a big Bowie kick at the moment. Algiers, Lil Ugly Mane and Herndon getting a lot of spins also.
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    I cannot put down that Hiatus Kaiyote.

    To an extent I agree with Anthony's criticisms, like they have a tendency of making changes for the sake of making changes rather than writing a song, and their playing is pretty good but it's more flashy than anything.

    But they rock some damn good grooves and make weird as fuck timings funky, and the singer's vocals really do it for me.
    They also layer tracks really well, and their music is far from boring, especially for the entire 70 minutes.
    That's an accomplishment in my book, I wouldn't take out a single song, I think they all work.
  • The album art would make a cool shirt or back of a leather jacket, but I couldn't get through the album which is a shame, I wanted to love it.
  • yknow what, good point.

    *goes to see if there are any shirts with the album art on it*
  • If you really like Haitus Kayote you should check this out Urban Flora album that came out in May, the vocalist has this stunning euphoric voice

  • Hype, I thought I was the only one feeling it, it's a little one-note, but I like the one note lol. I also think the new The Internet is pretty damn smooth, seems like the perfect summer album right now.

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    it's not bad, I could see it growing on me

    but I agree that it's very one note, all the same tempo, etc.
    I enjoy Kaiyote's diversity.

    edit; I say that and then I get to track 4, which is more funkier and upbeat than the previous three tracks. I'm liking this track in particular a lot, getting this.
    Thanks Des.
  • yo shooty could you assplant that candy claws album for me? I've been meaning to get round to it for ages but can't find it in the forest of asses.
  • Unfortunantly I am an assplant-free individual. If I remember correctly geogaddi assplants and he checked out that album a while ago so he could help u
  • yeah i will assplant right now, no worries
  • Tell me what u think bennh its one of my favorites
  • I finished my quarter two rapup on the other forum, but since there's no hip-hop thread I guess I'll just post it in here -
  • fuck. i keep expecting these talk talk records to plateau, but they just keep getting better every listen. they're absolutely genius. easily some of the most beautiful music i've ever heard
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    I gave a full attention listen to Currents,

    It's pretty great. Maybe a step down from Innerspeaker, or equal to.
    Still has Kevin's great ear for production, sounds brilliant on headphones, just sound-wise it's a knock of out the park.
    Guitars play a much smaller part in the album, with keys and vocals being the main focal point for most of the time.
    The mix of modern r'n'b with funk influences, and the use of synthetic strings and brass make it sound like a weird mix of Thriller and The Soft Bulletin, which I totally get behind.
    Its sonic palette isn't as diverse as what Lonerism was, though, and I feel that could be a hindrance for some, as pulling the songs apart may be more difficult.

    I can see it growing, though. For sure.
    I can't see it hitting the spectacular explosive qualities of Lonerism, but in the same sense, Currents is also a bold statement.
    That seems to be a thing where Kevin hasn't really stepped out of line with yet, all of Tame Impala's records have felt like cohesive pieces of work, instead of a collection of songs. Currents sounds like it's saying something, but if you compare it to what Lonerism was saying, the message is a little less obscured and more straightforward.

    Fave tracks would be 
    Eventually (I totally underwrote that track initially, it has a great sense of dynamics and the chorus melody is irresistible.)
    Past Life (Probably the most experimental cut, but it's also paired with the stickiest melody. The heavy hip hop beat and the blown out bass with the phasing and droning synths, all together create a surreal mood that is utterly intoxicating. The way it leads into Disciples really works well, too.)
    Reality in Motion (I read NME's review, and they said this was one of the weak parts, which I don't agree with at all. I feel it's the poppiest song on the album, it's got a great chorus, and the lyrics are relateable, and is pretty darn upbeat at that. I'm surprised this wasn't chosen to be a single, really.)

    I didn't find a single song to be bad, there were one or two forgettable tracks, but with a sound that's so homogenous, some things do get lost in the mush.
    Hell, even the singles I was initially apprehensive on have grown on me. I jammin to I'm a Man while I was listening, for sure.

    first listen score;
    fantanofied - strong 8
    p4kified - 8.7
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