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General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • gare du nord @ the st. christopher’s inn hostel!
  • didn’t listen to this when it came out but this band is opening up for Code Orange next weekend so I wanted to check em out. This is really fucking rad, I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a better mix of rap and hardcore music. (Not that that pool was large to begin with.)

  • the dj koze record is just so full of riches... so many awesome grooves, catchy melodies, and clever hooks. colorful all around and one of my favorites of the year
  • It kinda went in the background for me when I tried it last month but I’ll give it another spin
  • This is FUCKING AWESOME. Maybe the best Justin Broadrick project I've heard thus far (yeah even more than any Godflesh)

  • I love the project with Jarboe but I'm intrigued gonna check it out

  • I'm really liking the new Winterfylleth. They used to do atmo black metal, but this new album is purely dark folk, and it's really good!
  • really dig a couple of their albums, they're hard to keep up with because they put out so much material
  • Really? Their last album came out in 2016, I haven't heard anything by them since then.

    Some of these tracks are like the folk passages in Ne Obliviscaris that just never transition into black metal. It's a really relaxing listen, at least for me.
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    binging and loving lil ugly mane. uneven compromise is absolutely incredible, and i’m super digging mista thug isolation too. not sure why this didn’t click for me earlier (though i’ve always liked third side of tape)
  • Wish I coulda made it out to Ugly's LA show last week but it was a Wednesday night and apparently wasn't gonna end til 2 AM and yeah fuck no lol but yeah Mista Thug Isolation and the Uneven Compromise EP are my favorites, and each part of the Tape series is great too. Also check out the mixtape he produced for Nickelus F
  • Betwetter is also a great project, I hope he does another one of those. That and Oblivion Access show that he's way better at doing angsty depression raps than certain xxxtarnations out there
  • lum the goat rapper producer prolly
  • his bars goofy tho
  • shit i meant to say uneven compromise, not oblivion access. haven’t listened to OA yet

    i’ll check bedwetter and that mixtape out, thanks! so stoked on him, gonna be listening all fuckin week
  • make sure u read the descriptions of all the albums on bandcamp geo its a big part of the experience imo
  • lum got the best prose in hip hop hands down
  • Yes I Jan by Bas Jan. Sounds like a lost classic. Life Without Buildings-esque. One of the best things I've heard in this increasingly strong year.
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    I've been listening to the new Anna & Elizabeth, Dirty Projectors, Tropical Fuck Storm, and Denzel Curry.
    All of them are loved list potential!

    Also dig this track, it's bloody brilliant;

  • srsly Anna & Elizabeth is like the discovery of the month for me,

  • I just started their new album, that first track was fantastic.
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    This is easily making my loved list. Ripest of Apples, Irish Patriot, Farewell to Erin, Mother in the Graveyard were all standout tracks my first time through.
  • This Anna & Elizabeth album really is amazing. Highly recommended!
  • Listened to one song, will def check out
  • Digging the new Travis Scott, not even kidding. Not what I was expecting at all.
  • I like in my feelings, I never listened to scorpion so I heard it on the radio and I thought it was like the late night DJ remixing it lol
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